Why Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are woven with premium Turkish cotton that has extra long fibers. Longer fiber cotton means stronger and smoother cotton yarns. Because of this, Turkish towels are known as softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with many washings.

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Custom Turkish towels

Our premium custom Turkish towels are constructed of 100% Turkish cotton and feature with a top standard of absorbance, comfort, durability, and functionality.

You may select from a wide variety of towels in many different styles, and we can also customize the towels to meet your specifications and preferences.

We are a wholesale Turkish towels manufacturer and the weights of the towels we manufacture range from 320 to 950 g/m2, while we can customize your towels by selecting from a selection of colors and textures.

Custom Turkish towels wholesale

Our custom towels are exceptionally soft, whether they are a solid color, jacquard woven, or reactive structure.

The trend for our ultra-soft Turkish towels is believed to be moving toward a loftier, heavier towel with soft texture while yet upholding all necessary standards for quality.

The use of high-grade Turkish cotton yarns made using modern processes results in the biggest improvement in towel quality. Turkish cotton yarns with long fibers, which are identified by the type of yarn used in the construction, are instances of modern cotton spinning technology that helps to differentiate the absorbency of bath towels.

Our selection of personalized towels has evolved to include super-soft, antibacterial, perfumed, and anti-allergenic towels. It is similar to the apparel business in that new technologies and fibers are employed to produce a standard product.

With higher-end and sophisticated toweling, our customized spa towels remain a profitable venture for the spa industry.

Our finely textured towels in specific colors produced from Turkish cotton are offered to spa clients to give them the "Turkish Bath Experience" and "The Hamam Feel."

Basic Knowledge about the Custom Woven Turkish Towels 


The Main Stages of the Turkish Towels Manufacture


Custom Made Turkish Towels as Promotional Towels

Turkish towels are manufactured as promotional towels, and promotional towels are the types of towels that are customized with the brand name, logo, or other distinctive specified design elements of your company and used as high-end promotional products for marketing purposes. Promotional towels are manufactured in the same methods as Turkish towels, yet branding or personalization improves their design and function so that they can serve as corporate marketing tools for businesses. 


Custom Towels 

Our premium custom towels feature a soft feel, a smooth texture, compression qualities, water absorption, and a long lifespan. These characteristics can be influenced by a variety of factors, including cotton fiber, cotton yarn, weaving quality, etc.

Custom towels, which are also known as personalized towels, represent towels that have undergone specific design alterations or customizations to align with particular preferences, requirements, or branding criteria. These customized towels offer the flexibility to cater to individual preferences, businesses, or organizations by integrating a variety of personalized features. These elements may encompass the inclusion of personal names, incorporation of company logos, the infusion of distinctive designs, utilization of specific color schemes and fabric materials, adherence to precise size and thickness specifications, among others. Custom towels serve multiple purposes in various contexts, including personal utility, reinforcement of brand identity, support for marketing initiatives, enhancement of special occasions, provision of corporate gifts, and as promotional merchandise. Their versatility lies in the fact that they can be meticulously tailored to cater to a broad spectrum of unique demands and preferences, which renders them highly sought after across an array of diverse scenarios and settings.


Custom Woven Towels

Custom woven towels still fulfill the same functions as standard Turkish towels with a unique look. 

Custom woven towels are towels that are specifically designed and manufactured according to the unique preferences, specifications, and branding requirements of individuals, businesses, or organizations. These towels are typically made using specialized weaving techniques that allow for the incorporation of custom designs, patterns, logos, or text directly into the fabric. Custom woven towels are popular for promotional purposes, as corporate gifts, or as personalized items for special events.

Custom woven towels are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including branding, marketing, corporate gifts, sports teams, hotels, spas, and more. The choice between dobby and jacquard weaving depends on the desired level of intricacy and texture in the design, as well as the budget for the project.


Types of Custom Woven Towels

Custom Dobby Woven Towels

Dobby weaving is a technique that adds small, geometric patterns or designs to the fabric. Custom dobby woven towels are known for their intricate and decorative patterns. They are available in various options:

Custom Dobby Woven Embroidered Towels

These towels feature custom designs or logos that are woven directly into the fabric using dobby weaving. The design is typically raised and textured, giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

Custom Dobby Woven Printed Towels

Custom dobby woven printed towels have designs or images printed onto the fabric using specialized printing techniques. This allows for a wide range of colors and intricate details in the design.

Custom Jacquard Woven Towels

Jacquard weaving is a more complex technique that allows for intricate, textured patterns to be woven directly into the fabric. Custom jacquard woven towels are known for their luxurious appearance and feel. There are different variations of jacquard woven towels:

Custom Yarn Dyed Jacquard Woven Towels

These towels are woven with dyed yarns to create intricate patterns and designs. The colors are part of the fabric itself, making them more durable and resistant to fading.

Custom Border Jacquard Woven Towels

Border jacquard woven towels feature custom designs, logos, or text along the edges or borders of the towel. This creates an elegant and distinctive look.


Custom Relief Jacquard Woven Towels

Relief jacquard weaving creates a raised or embossed effect on the towel\'s surface, adding depth and texture to custom designs. These towels are often used for high-end promotional or gifting purposes.

Custom towels with logo

Towels with logo are a highly efficient tool to promote client loyalty.

Custom branded towels

Custom branded towels surely have a positive impact on customer attitudes and behavior.

Company logo towels

Companies can actively use to encourage new customers to buy their products, enhance brand awareness, and promote brand loyalty.


The purpose of the promotional towels

The purpose of the promotional towels is to promote corporate goals, products, or sales. Promotional towels are valuable promotional products because they help businesses and the general public connect. Businesses require promotional towels to help them reach out to potential customers and clients. Promotional towels may help businesses increase their visibility and brand value. Promotional towels are typically given away or included with purchases.

Types of the private label Turkish towels

Promotional towels are towels that feature the names, logos, or texts of a company. They include towels that can be used in marketing and advertising campaigns, such as custom turkish beach towels with logo, custom bath towels with logo, custom logo bath mats, hotel towels with logo, branded gym towels, sports team towels, company logo golf towels, fair trade organic towels, branded bar towels, embroidered logo baby towels, and custom promotional kitchen towels. 


What are the advantages of Turkish Towels as Promotional Products?

Benefits of Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are outstanding promotional products that set them apart from other products and provide more value on investment while displaying the quality of your brand logo with sufficient space for customization.

Turkish Towels are Practical and Functional Promotional Products

Custom Promotional towels are useful gifts that are practical , functional and are always kept by your customers longer time than any other gift .

Turkish Towels increase the Visibility of your Logo

Company logo towels are the best gifts to make your logo or your corporate message last as long as possible.

Turkish Towels are Eco Friendly Promotional Gifts 

Branded Promotional towels are eco friendly gifts because they are kept for a long time and are recyclable, so they do not end up in the trash.
To strengthen their sustainable company image, it is good and essential in today ’s global business for all companies around the world to offer eco-friendly gifts.

Turkish Towels are valuable Promotional Gifts

People always use the promotional towels that are given to them , they never throw their gifted towels and they keep and use them as valuable gifts .

Turkish Towels are one-size-fits-all Promotional Items

Customized promotional towels are gifts that fit people of a wide range of sizes and ages.

Turkish Towels are Business-Friendly Promotional Products

Custom branded towels with logo are perfect business like gifts that are suitable for all your campaigns and corporate events such as fairs , conferences , sales campaigns , advertising campaigns , etc.

Turkish Towels are Informative Advertising Gifts 

Promotional towels are smart , informative gifts that have very high informational function to advertise your logo and your corporate message to your customers.

Turkish Towels are Prestigious Promotional Gifts

Promotional towels personalized with logo are best upper class , and always chic , upscale gifts that can create the real image of your reputation.

Turkish Towels are Present-Day Promotional Items

Promotional towels wih logo are always trendy, stylish, popular gifts for your customers.

Turkish Towels are Marketing Tool

Custom wholesale towels personalized with logo are perfect marketing tools that boost the value of your brand and your message and carries lasting impression of your corporate values to your customers and help to upgrade your marketing.



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