Waffel Blankets

Promotional waffle blankets made from the best quality Turkish cotton and featuring a custom logo, embroidered or printed, as well as being incredibly soft and comfortable custom waffle throws are excellent promotional items.

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Promotional Waffle Blankets

Our custom promotional waffle blankets are favourite promotional products, promotional textiles, promotional gifts.

Custom waffle blankets can be produced in your specified colors.

Sizes can also be customized.

We use high quality, sustainable Turkish cotton .

Waffle pique is a mid - weight cotton fabric with an elevated woven pattern that has a pretty textured square waffle structure.

Any fabric with this characteristic of weave and a repeating geometric structure is referred to as "pique."

Due to their unique weave, waffle pique fabrics have more "tissue" than regular cotton fabrics.

Promotional waffle blankets are specialized textiles used in marketing and branding efforts to promote businesses, events, or organizations. These blankets are designed with the primary purpose of featuring corporate logos, brand names, or promotional messages. They serve as effective advertising tools, creating brand awareness and fostering a sense of brand loyalty among customers.

Custom Corporate Waffle Blankets

Tailored for businesses, custom corporate waffle blankets incorporate logos and branding elements using high-quality printing or embroidery. They are made from premium materials, featuring a textured waffle weave pattern for sophistication. Available in various sizes, they serve as effective promotional items, corporate gifts, or event merchandise, enhancing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression.

Custom Waffle Weave Blankets

Distinctive for their raised square pattern resembling waffles, custom waffle weave blankets offer visual appeal and comfort. Customers can personalize them with various designs, colors, names, or photos using digital printing or embroidery. Crafted from durable materials like cotton blends, these blankets provide insulation in colder weather and breathability in warmer seasons, making them ideal for both personal and promotional use.

Promotional Cotton Waffle Throws

Soft texture of the finest quality Turkish cotton is a fantastic addition to bedding and the cotton fabric is warm yet breathable, making it perfect for use all year round.

This popular promotional item, cotton waffle blanket has it timeless comfort and luxury.

Waffle Weave Blankets with Logo

Waffle weave blankets featuring logos combine the classic waffle pattern with customized branding through printing or embroidery. Made from premium materials, these blankets are effective promotional items, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Customizing waffle weave blankets with logos serves as a strategic method to promote businesses or events. By integrating logos, taglines, or promotional messages, companies can create impactful marketing tools. High-quality printing or embroidery techniques are employed for branding, ensuring optimal visibility and a lasting impact on recipients.

Customized Cotton Waffle Throws

Customized cotton waffle throws offer personalized comfort with the waffle weave pattern and customizable designs. Crafted from premium cotton, these throws add a cozy touch to living spaces and serve as thoughtful gifts.

The addition of branding on customized cotton waffle throws offers a distinctive approach to personalize home decor or promotional items. By incorporating names, logos, or artwork, businesses can reinforce their brand identity and craft memorable gifts. The customization process involves digital printing or embroidery, providing versatile and visually appealing designs.

Custom Waffle Throws

Costom waffle throws are excellent for spas, hotels, and are also used as an extra blanket in warm climates because they are made of soft Turkish cotton and have a fine waffle texture.

The process of customizing waffle throws involves tailoring the design, colors, and even the incorporation of text or artwork to suit individual preferences. This personalization can be accomplished using advanced printing or embroidery techniques, presenting customers with the freedom to create unique and exceptional throws that resonate with their distinct tastes.

Custom Printed Waffle Throws

Custom printed waffle throws belong to a specialized category of waffle throws where personalized designs are skillfully transferred onto the fabric using digital printing techniques. Digital printing offers remarkable precision and detail, facilitating an extensive range of customization possibilities.

In the custom printing process, specialized printers apply ink directly to the surface of the fabric, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors that retain their brilliance even after repeated washings. Customers can select from an array of pre-designed patterns or provide their own artwork, photographs, or logos for printing onto the throws.

These personalized throws are ideal for a multitude of applications, including bespoke gifts, promotional campaigns, or elegant home accents that reflect the individuality and preferences of their owners.

Custom Embroidered Waffle Throws

Custom embroidered waffle throws are a distinct subset of waffle throws, celebrated for their artful personalization achieved through intricate embroidery techniques. Embroidery involves adorning the fabric with decorative stitching using thread or yarn, imparting an air of elegance and sophistication to the designs.

The custom embroidery process enables customers to add names, logos, or artwork onto the throws, showcasing the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. Specialized embroidery machines or hand techniques are employed to meticulously stitch the designs, resulting in a refined and enduring finish.

Highly appreciated for their superior craftsmanship, these throws make cherished gifts, captivating corporate giveaways, or treasured keepsakes that evoke sentiment and beauty. The amalgamation of the distinctive waffle texture and the artistry of custom embroidery elevates these throws to objects of timeless elegance and individuality.

Personalized Waffle Blankets

Personalized Blankets, embroidered, monogrammed and customized with your special logo are unbelievably perfect promotional products.

Branding and color customization play crucial roles in creating personalized waffle blankets that resonate with individuals or organizations. Branding involves incorporating logos, taglines, or promotional messages onto the blankets, turning them into powerful marketing tools or corporate gifts. The waffle weave pattern offers an ideal canvas for branding elements, ensuring maximum visibility and a lasting impact on recipients.

Color customization in personalized waffle blankets is achieved through advanced dyeing techniques. These techniques allow for a wide spectrum of colors, enabling precise color matching with brand guidelines or personalized preferences. Customers can choose from a diverse range of hues to create blankets that align with their brand identity or complement their home decor.

The combination of branding opportunities and color customization transforms these blankets into unique and versatile items that serve as decorative accents or cherished tokens of sentiment.

Personalized Waffle Texture Blankets

Personalized waffle texture blankets offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and individuality through branding and color customization. The waffle weave pattern, with its raised square structures, adds depth and texture to these blankets, making them visually intriguing and cozy.

Branding elements like logos, monograms, or custom designs can be seamlessly integrated onto these blankets using digital printing or embroidery techniques. The waffle texture provides a complementary backdrop for branding, adding an element of sophistication to the personalized design.

Color customization in personalized waffle texture blankets is achieved through dyeing processes, offering an extensive array of color options. This allows customers to select hues that align with their brand colors or reflect their personal preferences, adding a unique touch to the blankets.

The amalgamation of branding opportunities and color customization transforms these blankets into cherished and versatile pieces that serve as both decorative accents and thoughtful gifts.

Personalized Waffle Throws

Branding on personalized waffle throws allows for the incorporation of names, initials, logos, or artwork using digital printing or embroidery techniques. The waffle texture complements the personalized design, creating an elegant and refined finish.

Color customization in personalized waffle throws is achieved through advanced dyeing techniques, offering a wide selection of colors. This enables customers to choose hues that match their brand identity or align with their personal preferences, enhancing the throws' uniqueness.

The fusion of branding possibilities and color customization transforms these throws into cherished and versatile accents that enrich interior decor or evoke sentimental value.

Custom Logo Waffle Blankets

We manufacture and export custom logo waffle blankets on demand, we customize your color and sizes.

We apply your logo on the blanket as embroidery or printing.

Achieving high-quality logos on Custom Logo Waffle Blankets involves precise design preparation, advanced printing or embroidery techniques, and using suitable materials. Digital printing ensures vibrant colors and intricate details, while embroidery adds a sophisticated touch. Accurate color matching and quality control further contribute to creating visually appealing and durable logos on the blankets.

Custom-made waffle throw blankets

Custom-made waffle throw blankets offer comfort through their softness, breathability, and thermal insulation. They are lightweight, making them suitable and cozy for relaxation in different settings.

The production process of Custom-made waffle throw blankets 

Design Concept and Customization: Customers select or provide specific designs or text.

Fabric Selection: Premium materials like cotton are chosen for softness and durability.

Waffle Weave Formation: Specialized weaving machines create the textured pattern.

Customization: Digital printing or embroidery applies personalized designs.

Cutting and Assembly: Fabric is cut to the desired dimensions and assembled.

Finishing Touches: Quality control ensures the blankets meet standards.

Packaging and Delivery: Blankets are carefully packaged for delivery.

Personalized waffle texture blankets

Personalized waffle texture blankets are highly valued for their capacity to offer comfort and warmth, cater to personal preferences, enhance home decor, and serve as meaningful and practical gifts. Their versatility, breathability, and durability make them valuable additions to everyday life and treasured possessions for those who receive them.

The importance of Personalized waffle texture blankets as corporate gifts lies in their ability to enhance brand visibility, strengthen relationships, boost employee morale, and create a lasting impression. These practical and customized gifts serve as effective marketing tools, fostering loyalty and differentiation in the competitive business landscape.

Custom embroidered waffle blankets

Personalised by using finest embroidery. The embroidery process for Custom embroidered waffle blankets involves digitizing the design, stabilizing the fabric, selecting high-quality threads, hooping the fabric, and executing the embroidery with precision and detail. Quality control checks ensure color consistency, durability, evenness, and uniformity. The result is high-quality embroidery that enhances the blankets' aesthetics, making them cherished and personalized textile pieces.

The embroidery yarns used in Custom embroidered waffle blankets are essential for achieving high-quality embroidery. The choice of thread type, thickness, colorfastness, tensile strength, and softness influences the appearance, durability, and tactile appeal of the embroidered design. Properly selected yarns ensure consistent stitching, compatibility with the fabric, and overall aesthetic enhancement, making the blankets personalized and visually appealing textile pieces.

Embroidered waffle texture throws

The texture quality of the fabric in Embroidered waffle texture throws significantly impacts their visual appeal, comfort, durability, and stitching precision. The waffle weave pattern enhances aesthetics, while the softness and strength of the fabric ensure a comfortable and long-lasting product. The unique texture complements embroidery and enhances the overall home decor.

Stitching precision is crucial for the quality of Embroidered waffle texture throws. High-quality embroidery machines with advanced digitization, automated operation, multi-needle systems, and continuous monitoring ensure accurate and flawless stitching. This results in visually appealing and personalized home decor pieces.

Custom design waffle throws

Custom design waffle throws are corporate gifts featuring personalized branding, providing a distinctive and strategic gifting approach. They offer branding opportunities, align with corporate identity, and foster emotional connections with recipients. The throws' durability, versatility, and practicality ensure lasting impact and boost employee morale. As professional and memorable gifts, they also serve as effective promotional items for marketing events. Rigorous quality assurance ensures their excellence, making custom design waffle throws highly valuable and cherished corporate gifts.

Custom printed  waffle blankets

Personalised by using high quality printing.

Custom printed waffle blankets are distinguished textile products with a unique waffle weave pattern and personalized designs achieved through high-quality printing techniques. The printing quality, especially concerning the corporate logo, plays a pivotal role in creating exceptional blankets. Superior printing ensures accurate logo representation, color accuracy, and durability, enhancing brand recognition and making them valuable promotional gifts. The combination of the waffle weave pattern and high-quality printing elevates the blankets' aesthetic appeal and customer perception, making them sought-after and appreciated promotional goods.

The printing process of Custom printed waffle blankets involves advanced techniques like digital printing and screen printing. The fabric is prepared, and ink is applied accurately to achieve vibrant and long-lasting designs. Personalization options and quality control ensure exceptional and unique blankets, while eco-friendly practices promote sustainability. 

Custom Cotton Waffle Throw Blankets

Waffle weave blankets' climate characteristics help in thermal insulation and cosset the body by preserving body heat and creating a warm covering within to the body, resulting in improved heat conservation.

Waffle weave blankets are offered in a number of densities and are frequently absorbent.

The waffle woven fabric is suitable for blankets due to those characteristics.

Custom Cotton Waffle Throw Blankets are distinctive textile products crafted with a waffle weave pattern using 100% cotton fabric. They are personalized with custom designs and come in various sizes. These blankets serve as flexible and functional pieces, suitable for multiple uses, and differ from traditional throws in size and customizability. The waffle texture and durable material make them cherished and valuable additions to both home and corporate settings.

Embroidered waffle throws

Embroidered waffle throws with corporate logos are prestigious promo gifts, and their significance lies in the quality of embroidery yarn and stitching. Incorporating corporate logos through embroidery enhances their branding value, elevating the throws to personalized and distinguished gifts. High-quality embroidery yarns ensure accurate colors and intricate details, reflecting the brand identity with precision. The combination of premium materials and skilled embroidery techniques creates a professional and polished look, reinforcing the corporate image and leaving a lasting impression on recipients. The representation of the brand through embroidered logos adds a sense of exclusivity and value to these throws, making them cherished and highly esteemed gifts for recipients.

Personalized lightweight waffle throws

Personalized lightweight waffle throws are soft, breathable, and exceptionally light due to the high-quality cotton fabric and superior yarn used in their construction. The lightweight nature makes them adaptable for all-season use and convenient for travel or outdoor activities. 

This attribute enhances their value as marketing materials, allowing easy brand visibility and recognition. The combination of comfort and portability makes these throws cherished and practical possessions for users. 

In corporate branding, the lightweight aspect adds value to these throws as promotional gifts. Recipients can conveniently use and carry them, showcasing the embroidered or printed corporate logos in various settings, thus increasing brand visibility and recognition.

Custom Waffle Blankets

Custom waffle blankets are a type of personalized bedding or throw characterized by a distinctive waffle weave pattern. The waffle weave is created by interweaving horizontal and vertical raised squares, resulting in a textured surface. These blankets are tailored to individual preferences, allowing customers to add their unique touch through custom designs, artwork, or photographs. The customization process involves digital printing or embroidery techniques, where the chosen images or text are incorporated into the fabric.

From a technical perspective, waffle blankets are often made from natural fibers like cotton or blends of cotton and other materials for added durability and softness. The waffle weave not only adds visual appeal but also enhances breathability, making these blankets suitable for year-round use. The raised squares trap air, providing extra insulation and warmth during colder months while ensuring comfort during warmer seasons.

Custom waffle blankets have gained popularity due to their ability to evoke sentimental value and personal memories, making them popular gift options for various occasions like weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. The customizability and unique texture make these blankets a sought-after choice for those seeking a blend of functionality and personalized aesthetics in their home textiles.

Monogrammed Waffle Blankets

Monogrammed waffle blankets are a form of personalized bedding or throws that incorporate the classic monogramming technique onto waffle weave fabric. Monogramming involves adding stylized logos, initials, names, or symbols to the surface of the blanket through embroidery or printing methods.

The waffle weave, with its raised squares and textured appearance, provides an excellent canvas for monogramming, lending an air of sophistication and elegance to the blankets. The embroidery process involves skilled artisans carefully stitching the chosen initials or text onto the fabric, creating a lasting and exquisite design.

These blankets are often crafted from high-quality materials like cotton or cotton blends to ensure softness, comfort, and durability. The combination of the waffle weave texture and the monogrammed personalization adds a touch of individuality and exclusivity to the bedding, making it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance the decor of their bedroom or living space with a personalized and refined touch.

Personalized Textured Waffle Blankets

Personalized textured waffle blankets combine the unique waffle weave pattern with personalized elements, such as names, dates, or meaningful messages. The waffle weave itself offers a pleasing tactile sensation due to its raised squares, making it a favored choice for those seeking a textured and visually interesting blanket.

The customization process typically involves digital printing or embroidery, where the chosen text or images are skillfully incorporated into the waffle fabric.

These blankets are often constructed using premium materials like cotton, providing a balance of softness, breathability, and durability. The waffle texture enhances the blanket's thermal properties, ensuring comfort throughout the year. The result is a unique and sentimental bedding or throw that adds a personal touch to any living space and serves as a cherished keepsake or thoughtful gift for loved ones.

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