Waffel Bathrobes

Promotional Waffle Bathrobes are produced in soft, absorbent cotton and characterised by the premium quality waffle texture to the highest standards. Basic types of custom waffle robes are kimono waffle robe, embroidered waffle robe, hooded waffle robe.

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Custom Waffle Robes

We manufacture and export waffle weave bathrobes that are customized or made to order from premium Turkish cotton in accordance with your specifications.

We produce Turkish Cotton Waffle weave robes in a variety of styles, including monogram waffle robes, custom basic kimono waffle robes, and promotional waffle robes.

What is a Waffle Bathrobe ?

Waffle bathrobes are a particular type bathrobe constructed of waffle fabric, also described to as honeycomb fabric, and has heightened threads that can be woven into tiny rectangles, and waffle weave creates a three-dimensional texture by combining plain weave with twill weave in an unique way

What is a Waffle Fabric ?

Waffle fabric is loose and has a characteristic "grid" texture.

A cotton fabric can have a waffle weave termed as "pique."

Most of the time, waffle bathrobes are manufactured to be lightweight. 

Custom Waffle Texture Robes

Bathrobes with a waffle texture are normally composed of 100% cotton fabric and weigh between 180 and 280 g/m2.

Waffle square sides can range in length from 0.5 to 1.0 cm.

Our custom waffle robes are manufactured of the finest cotton fabric, are light, and have several functionalities.

As you dry off, custom waffle weave robes keep you warm due to their premium fabric.

Custom waffle bathrobes are great for use at home, in spas, swimming pools, saunas, and as promotional gifts.

Our high-end waffle robes are made from exceptionally soft, durable, and absorbent fabrics.

We manufacture waffle bathrobes that are soft, comfortable, durable, and constructed completely of cotton.

Turkish cotton waffle weave robes

The real Hotel and Spa Unisex Monogrammed Turkish Cotton Waffle Weave Terry Bath Robe is used, yet custom waffle robes are also used as corporate gifts.

custom waffle kimono bathrobes

We offer elegantly soft Turkish cotton waffle robes that are excellent promotional items as they can be embroidered with personalized logos or initials of your choice.

100% Cotton Waffle Robe

We manufacture 100% Turkish cotton waffle bathrobes in lightweight, quick-drying waffle fabrics according to customer-specified styles.

Waffle bathrobes have pockets, wide sleeves with adjustable cuffs, and an adjustable tie waist.

Custom waffle bathrobes can be branded with embroidery, print, or logo labels.

Custom Waffle Weave Bathrobes

Waffle bathrobes, that commonly weigh between 180 and 270 g/m2, are 100% cotton robes with a "waffle" texture.

What does waffle texture fabric mean?

We produce Turkish Cotton Waffle weave robes by using waffle fabric, also described as honeycomb fabric, is a type of fabric constructed by weaving elevated threads into little rectangles.

Waffle weaving uses twill and plain weave in new ways to produce a three-dimensional texture.

The structure is made up of warp and weft floating.

It is partially woven on tabby sections bordered by ridges of long floats.

The weave consists of warp and weft floats positioned around a plain weave core.

Small square ridges and hollows are produced in the fabric by the interlacing and floating of the warp and weft threads in a predictable manner.

The fabric's surface features a waffle-like structure, thus its name.

Cotton Waffle Bathrobes

The fabric for waffle robes is woven using square and honeycomb patterns.

Unlike terry cotton, the waffle weave fabric is lighter and thinner.

However since waffle fabric is composed of cotton, it possesses the same absorbing qualities.

Due to their light weight, cotton waffle bathrobes are frequently used in spas, saunas, and near swimming pools.

Promotional Waffle Bathrobes

We manufacture and export soft personalized promotional waffle bathrobes with pockets, perfect for corporate gifts.

Personalized Promotional Waffle Robes

Designed with your styles or models our waffle bathrobes are perfect promotional products.

We customize your colors, sizes and your logo to make each cotton waffle kimono extra special for made from luxury cotton.

Personalised Waffle Robes

We offer a wide range of personalised waffle bathrobes , designed to be a custom-made embroidered with your company name and logo.

Branded Cotton Waffle Weave Robes

Promotional Cotton Waffle Weave Robes create special giveaway products for advertising.

Types of Waffle Bathrobes

There are usually 3 basic types of waffle bathrobes : Waffle Kimono Bathrobes, Shawl Collar Waffle Bathrobes, and Hooded Waffle Bathrobes .

Custom Waffle Kimono Robe

We customize your colors, sizes and your logo to make each cotton waffle kimono extra special for made from luxury cotton.


Custom Waffle Shawl Collar Robe

One of the most fundamental robe patterns is the shawl collar waffle robe, that features a continuous curve at the collar.


Custom Waffle Hooded Robe

We manufacture custom waffle weave hooded bathrobes. 100% soft Turkish cotton is used to produce waffle robes with hoods.


Types of Promotional Waffle Robes by size

Women Robes

Men Robes

Kids Robes

Children Robes

Baby Robes

Unisex Robes

Types of Promotional Waffle Bathrobes by use

Hotel Waffle Robes

Spa Waffle Robes

Sauna Waffle Robes

Yacht Club Waffle Robes

Sports Club Waffle Robes

Luxury Turkish cotton robe

Marine Waffle Robes

Corporate Waffle Robes

Luxury Gift Waffle Robes


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