Why Is Turkish Cotton Unique ?

Turkish cotton is sustainable, eco-friendly and user-friendly. Due to its high standards of performance and of function, Turkish Cotton require no heavy and harmful chemical processing to get a lot of qualities such as softness, absorbency.

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Premium Quality Natural Fiber

Due to its unique physical and aesthetic characteristics, we use only finest quality Turkish cotton in manufacturing our towels.
Turkish Cotton is one of the highest quality cottons in the world . Turkish Cotton is a premium quality cotton grown exclusively in the warm climate of the Aegean part of Turkey.
The Premium quality of the Turkish cotton is due to its rigid cellulosic chains, its highly fibrillar and crystalline structure.
The high quality of the Turkish cotton fiber has a huge impact on the comfort and functional properties of our towels such as softness, absorbency , durability , and color-fastness.


Extra Long Staples ( ELS Cotton )

Staple length is the determining characteristic of the performance of the Turkish cotton fiber.
Turkish cotton has extra-long staples ( ELS ) and it is known for its rich, extra-long staple fibers ( ELS ) with strength and absorbency.
Its long staples allows Turkish cotton to provide many benefits other cottons are unable to provide.
Its yarn structure and the functional properties bring the highest level of comfort, softness , absorbency and durability in our towelling fabrics..


Pure Cotton Content

Turkish cotton has the purest form of cellulose, almost 90% of the Turkish cotton fibers are cellulose , nature\'s most abundant polymer.
The pure content and composition of the Turkish cotton yarn provide our towels with eco-friendly features that serve its end use performance.


Exceptionally Durable Texture

Turkish Cotton is almost pure cellulose.
The polymeric cellulosic chains and the high crystallinity and associative forces between chains in Turkish cotton result in a moderately strong fiber.
Turkish Cotton has a 30-50 % higher level of durability and stronger texture than other cotton .


Naturally Soft

Turkish Cotton is naturally softer than other cotton.
It requires no softener , no extra chemical processing to get soft while most of the other cottons need heavy chemical processing to get soft .
Our towels have the necessary fabric system to have the best comfort parameters


Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Using Turkish cotton is sustainable , eco-friendly and user-friendly.
Due to its efficiency and its high standards of performance and of function , Turkish Cotton require no heavy and harmful chemical processing in order to get a lot of qualities such as softness , absorbency .


Better Loops

Due to its special fiber structure and due to its extra-long staple ,Turkish cotton tends to have longer loops that make the towel more fluffy and more substantial.
Our high-piled towels have more water absorption. Increase in pile height causes an increase in the water absorption velocity


Super Absorbent

Turkish cotton has greatest affinity for water and superior absorption.
Its special fiber structure and its high cellulose content, helps to make Turkish cotton super absorbent and with its extra-long, fibrous , denser threads.
Turkish Cotton is naturally more absorbent than any other cotton, it is hydrophilic and has a great capacity to remove the water from the skin. It wets quicker and can hold much more water than any other cotton can.
Turkish cotton has the highest liquid transfer and water absorption velocity.



Turkish cotton has a lower tendency to cause allergic reactions.



The cellulose-rich Turkish cotton fiber has excellent antimicrobial activity and good biodegradability.
The cellulose in Turkish cotton is the most abundant polymer occurring in nature.
The most important feature of this polymer is antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

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