Shawl Collar Bathrobes

Promotional bathrobes with custom embroidered or printed logo are ideal promotional gifts and can be made in any requested color and size. Promotional shawl collar bathrobes are trendy robe styles and are made of soft Turkish cotton with super absorbency.

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Promotional Robes

Custom made promotional robes are trendy, functional, and classy corporate gifts to promote your logo and your brand. We can customize the logos, colors, size charts, and patterns to your specifications. 

Custom Logo Robe

Because they can be worn by a wide variety of people, promotional robes with logos are a popular promotional tool. For hospitality industry including resorts and hotels, a custom logo robe is a necessity. When your customers wearing customized robes, your company is promoted. During business events or commercial shows, custom-branded robes are a great gift items

Logo Bathrobe

Having your logo on such a clothing will definitely assist in business promotion. Custom promotional robes are perfect promotional gifts for organizations. According to your requirements, promotional bathrobes are offered in a variety of sizes and colors. Our experienced team will assist you in customizing your logo so that you can effectively promote your company.

Custom bathrobes

Our range of high-end custom bathrobes, that were expertly manufactured using our advanced knowledge of high-quality bathrobes, are suitable for a wide range of uses, such as promotional products, at hotels and spas, for businesses, and more.

Turkish Terry Cloth Robes

The best promotional gifts for companies and brands  are Turkish bathrobes made of the finest quality 100% Turkish cotton terry cloth.

Customized bathrobe sets

As a corporate gift, high-quality hotel bathrobe sets or promotional bathrobe sets with custom embroidery of your company logo help to create a prestigious representation of your company. Giving your clients and prospects bathrobe sets promotes your company's luxurious image.

Luxury terry cloth robes

We just use finest loops and premium cotton yarn to create luxurious robes. Bathrobes manufactured in this way are pretty dense, substantial, and very soft. The final outcome is a selection of stylish and elegant bathrobes

Why Should You Use Custom Bathrobes As Promotional Products ?

  1. Custom robes with logo are great promotional products that are basically personalized goods that are functional for various companies to give out completely free to their target customers.  
  2. The primary function of a logo bathrobe is to spark interest and generate attention to your brand, making them excellent tools for advertising.
  3. Promotional robes come in several styles, from basic kimono robes, hooded bathrobes and classical shawl collar robes, to eco-friendly organic cotton bathrobes.  
  4. The key concept is that their impact is always perceived by the receipents as custom bathrobes are very beneficial  products. Customized robes have a long lifecycle compared to many other promotional products.
  5. When the style and function are in accordance with what clients desire and need, branded bathrobes are fantastic as people love them.
  6. However if you take into account the psychological effects the sophisticated and exquisite bespoke robes can have on your audience, that appeal becomes even more crucial to your company.

Promotional Shawl Collar Bathrobes

Our  terry cloth promotional shawl collar bathrobes with logo are made from Turkish cotton, which feels extra soft. Turkish cotton is known as the best cotton in the world because of the long threads. A luxurious bathrobe with a shawl collar crafted from cotton is a perfect promotional gift.


Custom Made Shawl Collar Bathrobes

Our custom promotional shawl collar bathrobes are also spacious, so the bathrobe closes nicely around you. Our promotional shawl collar bathrobes are in any customized color and in many sizes.

Custom Embroidered Shawl Collar Promotional Bathrobes

Your custom logo is embroidered on shawl collar bathrobes. We can upload your custom logo which you want embroidered on our shawl collar bathrobes usually on the front left breast. You can have any custom logo or text embroidery of your choice. Great for hotels, spas or as promotional gifts and have your custom logo embroidered onto Shawl Collar Terry Bathrobes. Our luxury shawl collar bathrobes will make a great corporate gift item. It is a full length bathrobe which we are offering in any size you request. Our shawl collar bathrobes are ideal for customisation with your logo and we offer a complete quality embroidery service where you can get your bathrobe embroidered with your logo.

Types of Custom Shawl Collar Bathrobes by size

Women Bathrobes

Men Bathrobes

Kids Bathrobes

Children Bathrobes

Baby Bathrobes

Unisex Bathrobes

Types of Custom Shawl Collar Bathrobes by use

Promotional Bathrobes

Classy Turkish cotton robes

Hotel bathrobes

Spa Bathrobes

Sauna Bathrobes

Yacht Club Bathrobes

Sports Club Bathrobes

Marine Bathrobes

Corporate Bathrobes

Luxury Gift Bathrobes

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