We obtain perfect sewing performance on strength, elongation, and twist balance with our custom towels in terry fabric, as well as custom bathrobes in both terry and velour fabrics, by performing key quality checks for sewing construction.

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Sewing, Stitching and Finishing the Turkish Terry Towels 

The process of cutting and sewing terry towels is a methodical approach that transforms terry fabric into functional and absorbent towels.

The procedure begins with pattern selection and fabric inspection.

Precision is key in fabric cutting, where the material is shaped according to chosen dimensions and patterns, while accounting for necessary seam allowances and hems.

The sewing phase employs appropriate stitching techniques to join fabric pieces and create secure seams.

Hemming, folding and stitching the edges, enhances durability and prevents fraying, particularly crucial in terry towels due to their looped structure. Optional loop trimming can create a uniform surface. Quality control ensures secure stitches, intact loops, and no defects.

Towels undergo absorbency testing to verify their functionality. Excess threads are trimmed, and the towels are ironed for a polished appearance. The final towels are neatly packaged, prepared for distribution. This process emphasizes attention to detail, resulting in towels that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective for various applications. Following this process ensures high-quality towels, meeting expectations for durability, function, and appearance.


The seams of the terry towels must always be sewn with care.

Since this fabric has lengthy loops on both surfaces, the edges must also be fixed first to prevent the fabric from unraveling.

Density on the seams is tensioned and constant, with tightly sewn labels.

Because the cut and sew process is the final step before the Turkish towels are packed to deliver to the customer, it's crucial to deliver a highest quality product on time.

The precision in sewing terry towels' seams cannot be overstated. Due to the distinct nature of this fabric with its extended loops on both surfaces, meticulous care is taken in the process. Primarily, the edges are firmly secured as a preventive measure against any potential fraying or unraveling.

A consistent and well-controlled density is maintained along the seams. This involves meticulous tensioning during the sewing process, ensuring that each stitch contributes to the overall structural integrity. Tightly sewn labels play a pivotal role in achieving this uniform density, guaranteeing that the loops remain intact and the seams are robust.

Cut and sew

Controlling product flow in the cut and sew division is crucial, as it is ensuring that all components are inspected and packed to the best quality grade of the terry towels.

The culmination of this detailed cut and sew procedure is of exceptional significance, as it marks the final phase before the Turkish towels are meticulously packed and readied for delivery to the valued customers. This stage is pivotal not only for ensuring that the towels meet the highest quality standards but also for adhering to the stipulated timeline, thus delivering on the commitment of providing a premium product on time.


Fine and experienced sewing by strict process control

Sewing, stitching, and finishing quality are integral aspects of custom towels. We prioritize these aspects to ensure that our towels not only look appealing but also provide superior durability and functionality.

A commitment to precision, quality materials, and attention to detail ultimately result in towels that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Sewing, Stitching, and Finishing Quality of Custom Towels

When it comes to custom towels, the sewing, stitching, and finishing quality play a crucial role in determining the overall durability, appearance, and functionality of the product. These aspects contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and the towel's ability to withstand regular use and wash cycles. Here's a breakdown of each aspect:

Sewing and Stitching Quality

Seam Strength

The strength of the seams is paramount in towels as they are subjected to tension during use and washing. Reinforced and well-stitched seams ensure that the towel doesn't unravel or tear easily.

Stitch Consistency

Uniform stitching across the towel demonstrates attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. Inconsistent stitching can lead to puckering, bunching, and an overall untidy appearance.

Type of Stitching

Different types of stitching, such as lockstitch, chainstitch, or overlock, can be used depending on the design and purpose of the towel. Each type of stitch has its own set of benefits in terms of strength and aesthetics.

Thread Quality

High-quality thread that is resistant to fraying and color fading should be used. This ensures that the stitches hold up well over time, even with frequent washing.

Finishing Quality

Edges and Hems

Neatly finished edges and hems are essential for preventing fraying and maintaining the towel's shape. Double-folded hems with precise stitching contribute to both the appearance and longevity of the towel.

Trim and Embellishments

If the towel includes any trims, decorative borders, or embellishments, they should be securely attached and evenly aligned. Loose trims can pose a choking hazard and compromise the towel's overall quality.

Lint and Loose Threads

Proper finishing includes thorough quality checks to remove any loose threads or excess lint that may have been generated during the manufacturing process. This gives the towel a polished and professional appearance.

Attention to Detail

Pattern Alignment

If the towel design includes patterns or prints, ensuring that they are properly aligned across the towel's surface demonstrates meticulous craftsmanship.

Color Consistency

In the case of multi-colored towels, maintaining color consistency throughout the towel is vital. This involves precision in dyeing and printing processes.

Quality Control


Every towel should undergo a rigorous quality inspection process. Trained personnel should examine each towel for any defects, irregularities, or deviations from the desired specifications.


Towels should be subjected to real-world tests, such as washing and drying cycles, to evaluate how well they hold up and maintain their quality over time.


All of our precesses and quality control methods and checks guarantee that we obtain the finest and the most experienced sewing and workmanship of our Turkish towels.

By using highest quality sewing threads to ensure secure stitching and perfect, solid and durable seams and also perfect hem stitches by lock stiches with fine back stitches fully automatically sewn.

Our terry towels are always finely sewn, balanced, correctly tensioned and consistently stitched density on the seams with firmly sewn labels.



Our promotional towels are carefully folded and packaged with care and precision.

We always focus on careful and ideal folding and packaging of our promotional towels.

Our commitment to delivering excellence extends to the packaging of our promotional towels. Each step in this process is executed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the final product reaches our valued customers in optimal condition.

Beginning with the folding stage, our experienced team employs careful techniques to achieve consistent and neat folds. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures that the towels are efficiently arranged for the packaging phase. The precision in folding guarantees that every towel retains its pristine form, reflecting the high-quality standards we uphold.

Moving to the packaging stage, the same level of precision is maintained. Our packaging experts meticulously encase the folded towels, considering not only protection but also presentation. The packaging is designed to safeguard the towels from external elements while allowing customers to experience the unboxing moment with delight. Our unwavering focus on every fold and every seal is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with a seamless and gratifying experience, right from receiving the package to unveiling their new promotional towels.

Our dedication to maintaining exceptional quality extends to all of the aspects, including our selection of packaging materials. Our promotional towels are carefully packed in high-quality export carton boxes, designed thoughtfully to ensure the best possible protection during shipping, while also reflecting our firm commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience. Furthermore, our thorough approach extends to the process of quality palletization, where we carefully arrange and secure the carton boxes on pallets. This guarantees stability and safeguards the towels from any potential harm during handling and transportation.

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