Textile printing is a smart way to customize your logo on promotional towels, bathrobes, aprons and promotional textiles. The best print quality and best color quality and color fastnesses are achieved using advanced textile printing technology.

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High-quality Textile Printing for Quality Custom Textile Products 

Join us in exploring the dynamic interplay between technology and creativity within the textile printing !

What is Textile Printing ?

Textile printing is a specialized process within the textile industry that involves applying intricate designs, patterns, images, or colors onto fabric surfaces. This transformative process enhances the visual appeal, aesthetics, and functionality of textiles, making them more attractive, personalized, and unique.

Textile printing stands as a meticulously crafted and specialized process entrenched within the multifaceted realm of the textile industry. At its core, this intricate method revolves around the deliberate application of intricate designs, captivating patterns, captivating images, and an enchanting spectrum of colors onto the expansive canvas of fabric surfaces. This process, marked by its transformative nature, assumes the role of a true artisan, meticulously elevating the very essence of textiles into a realm of heightened visual allure, refined aesthetics, and elevated functionality. Our improved towel and textile-clothing printing procedures guarantee excellent print quality and provide the highest levels of color fastness in the finished products. Our focus is always using improved textile printing techniques . Our range of inventive techniques introduces a new perspective to both common and specialized products. We harmonize artistry and practicality, transforming everyday products into personalized declarations. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation ensures your journey with us embodies boundless creative potential.

Methods and Techniques of Printing

Textile printing employs a range of techniques to transfer designs onto fabrics. Some of the key methods include:

Screen Printing

In this method, a mesh screen is used to transfer ink onto the fabric. Each color requires a separate screen, and the process is well-suited for bold designs and vibrant colors.

Digital Printing

This modern technique uses inkjet technology to directly apply ink onto fabric. It offers intricate detailing, a wide color gamut, and is ideal for complex designs and small print runs.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation involves transferring dye onto fabric using heat and pressure. The dye turns into gas and bonds with the fibers, resulting in vivid, long-lasting prints, particularly on synthetic materials.

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

Similar to a home inkjet printer, DTG directly prints the design onto the fabric using specialized inks. It's great for high-detail, full-color prints on various textiles.

Process of Printing

The textile printing process typically involves several stages:

Design Creation: Artists or designers create digital or hand-drawn designs that are then prepared for printing.

Color Separation: For multi-color designs, colors are separated into individual layers, each corresponding to a specific screen or printing process.

Preparation: Fabric is prepared by pre-treating or coating it to ensure proper ink adherence and color vibrancy.

Printing: Using the chosen technique, ink or dye is applied onto the fabric following the design specifications and color separations.

Curing or Fixing: The printed fabric is heat-set to cure the ink or dye, ensuring it becomes a permanent part of the fabric.

Finishing: After printing, the fabric may undergo additional treatments such as washing, steaming, or coating to enhance colorfastness and texture.


Textile printing finds applications across a wide range of products:

Clothing: T-shirts, dresses, sweaters, and other garments benefit from vibrant prints that reflect personal style or branding.

Home Textiles: Items like blankets, curtains, and pillow covers can be customized with patterns to complement interior decor.

Accessories: Bags, scarves, hats, and even shoes can be adorned with intricate designs.

Promotional Items: Towels, aprons, tote bags, and caps can feature logos or messages for promotional purposes.


Textile printing allows for:

Personalization: Custom designs cater to individual preferences and branding needs.

Creativity: Intricate patterns, colors, and images can be faithfully reproduced.

Versatility: Different techniques suit various fabric types and product requirements.

Mass Customization: Even large quantities can feature unique designs, thanks to modern printing technologies.

Screen Printing

Reveal the enduring allure of screen printing on items like towels, bathrobes, aprons, and tote bags. Our precision guarantees that intricate logos and designs endure, creating a fusion of artistic appeal and practical utility.

Direct-to-Garment Printing

Experience precision and style through direct-to-garment printing on polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fleece clothing. Immerse yourself in high-resolution graphics seamlessly integrated with the fabric, producing exclusive wearables that narrate your unique story.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation infuses textiles with artistry, metamorphosing towels, blankets, t-shirts, and caps into vibrant canvases of expression. Immerse yourself in full-color visuals that redefine the captivating potential of textiles.



Printing of Promotional Towels

Towel printing is the process of imprinting logos or designs on promotional towels.

When dyes or other reagents are applied to the surface of a towel in a specific pattern, generally as a paste or ink, a design or motif is generated.

This process is referred to as towel printing.

Both the entire towel fabric and a specific part of it, like the border, can have the designs imprinted on them.

Customization is the intended function of printing.

Printed towels can be produced to your specifications using custom printing, which is a great way to promote your brand.

Reactive Printing of Promotional Towels

The most sophisticated technique for printing on fabric is reactive printing.

With this technique, the design's colors are permanently fixed into the towel without degrading the cotton's quality.

Following the use of reactive print paste on towel, the color forms a bond with the cellulose fibers and facilitates in the creation of the best fastness properties as well as resistance to washing and friction.

As the ink reacts with the substrate when subjected to heat or steamed, printing is referred to as "reactive" printing.

Usually, reactive printing technique is applied to print 100% Cotton Towels.

We use eco friendly processes in printing promotional kitchen towels and custom made baby towels with hood or without hood.

Sublimation Printing of Promotional Towels

With the sublimation printed towels, your brand will undoubtedly start receiving the visibility it deserves.

Your creativity is the only restriction when it comes to personalizing the entire towel.

Heat-sensitive sublimation inks are used in the sublimation printing transfer process to dye polyester parts of the towels permanently.

The procedure, known as "Dye Sublimation," entails using a unique heat-sensitive dye to print your design on to the paper.

A heat press is then used to press the polyester part of the towel and printed paper for a set period of time.

The process of sublimation transfers the design from paper to towel.

White polyester materials are always used for sublimation, and high temperatures are used.

The color is "in" the towel rather than on top, as is the case with conventional screen printing techniques, because the sublimation process actually dyes the towel.

The towel feels much better thanks to this, and it also allows for unlimited color printing and color fastness.

Any "white" that you see in a sublimated design will actually be unprinted fabric because only white towels are suitable for sublimation printing.

You can make stunning, long-lasting designs on the towels using sublimation.

Properties of Sublimation Printed Microfiber Promotional Towels

300-340 gsm Polyester/Cotton Microfiber Printed Towels.

Composition of the Print side is 100% Polyester.

Composition of the side is 100% Cotton.

Size of towel and print area: 75x150 cm.

Custom Bathrobe Printing Techniques

Bathrobe printing is the process of adding a design or motif to the fabric of promotional bathrobes by applying colors to both the fabric's overall surface and a particular area of it, usually the chest or the back.

Progress in custom bathrobe printing has sparked a revolution, responding to the desire for tailored items. We use methods like digital, sublimation, and all-over printing, to produce custom print bathrobes, personalized printed robes, and more. These approaches enable the crafting of exclusive bathrobe designs, underscoring the fusion of technology and individuality to meet contemporary consumer demands.

Digital Print Bathrobes

At the heart of the realm of custom print bathrobes lies the technological marvel of digital printing. This method harnesses cutting-edge inkjet technology to directly infuse intricate designs onto fabric surfaces. The allure of personalized printed robes is elevated by digital printing's exceptional ability to vividly render complex patterns and vibrant shades. Notably, the concept of print-on-demand bathrobes has gained rapid traction, enabling the efficient creation of bespoke pieces with minimal setup requirements.

Sublimation Printed Bathrobes

Printed bathrobes with logo have become a hallmark of brand identity, with sublimation printing serving as a key enabler. This intricate process entails the transfer of dyes onto fabric through sublimation, resulting in logos and intricate designs adorning bathrobes with unparalleled color vibrancy and remarkable longevity. The allure of sublimation print robes lies in the meticulous craftsmanship: designs are meticulously printed onto specialized sublimation paper before being indelibly bonded to fabric through controlled heat.

All-Over Print Robes

As we delve deeper into the world of bathrobe customization, the concept of all-over print robes emerges as a captivating artistic endeavor. This avant-garde technique entails printing designs that seamlessly span the entirety of the fabric's surface. The essence of custom print luxury bathrobes is vividly captured through this method, where vibrant full-color bathrobes from seam to seam, creating a visually mesmerizing and truly unique product.

Custom Design Print Robes

The realm of custom design print robes embraces a collaborative spirit, providing customers with an active role in the creative process. This technique empowers individuals to contribute to the design journey, resulting in bathrobes that reflect their distinctive style, brand identity, or heartfelt emotions. These robes transcend mere clothing; they become vessels of personal narratives and expressions.

Printing of Promotional Aprons

The process of personalizing promotional aprons by imprinting a particular pattern or a logo on their surface is known as apron printing.

Printing of Promotional Tote Bags

We are highly skilled and experienced in digital printing and rotational printing of personalized promotional tote bags.

We carefully and expertly apply patterns and logos to the tote bags.

Promotional tote bags made of cotton with custom printing create amazing promotional products.

Our personalization team can custom print the tote bags in mass based on  the graphics and specifications.

Printing of Promotional Blankets

100% Polyester promotional polar blankets and 100% Cotton promotional waffle blankets can be custom printed to your specifications. Printed promotional acrylic blankets with your logo are excellent items to promote your business.

Printing of Promotional Clothing

We provide premium custom printing and production of promotional custom made t-shirts, promotional polo shirts, bespoke sweatshirts, custom logo fleece clothing, and caps with logo.

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