Printed Towels

Your custom logo or artwork is printed partially or completely on the towel. To achieve a high-quality print, the towels are made of velour. Custom beach towels, branded bath towels, custom pool towels, bespoke sports towels, branded bar towels, and custom logo golf towels are all types of promotional printed towels.

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Printed Promotional Towels

We manufacture and export promotional  100 % cotton custom printed towels with your logo or custom design printed partially or completely on the towel. The towels are typically velour, it means that the loops have been sheared to make the towels finer and to achieve the highest, elegant print and to increase its brightness. Our custom printed promotional towels are ultra soft, absorbent, and long-lasting.

Additionally, we manufacture and export sublimation printed towels or digitally printed towels. Fabric composition is usually 50% Cotton / 50 % Polyester, also in velour quality. These branded printed towels are custom logo towels that make excellent promotional products. Our sublimation printed promotional beach towels are high-quality items that can display a range of imprinted messages in a professional way. This type of printed towels are sometimes called as microfiber printed towels or photo print towels or digital printed towels.

Another type of printed towel we manufacture is terry towels with a print on the border, that are classified as border printed towels with a sublimation printed border and they are perfect for transfer and sublimation printing.

These custom branded printed towels are custom logo towels that are used as great promotional products . Basic types of our printed towels are custom printed beach towels, branded printed bath towels, customized printed sports towels, branded printed bar towels, custom logo printed golf towels, branded printed baby towels and custom logo printed kitchen towels

Production of the Printed Promotional Towels

The following techniques are commonly used to print logos or designs on the surface of towels.

Rotation Printing

We use rotation printing technique to print 100% Cotton towels, front side is printed cotton, velour, and, back side is blank white cotton, terry.

Sublimation Printing

We use sublimation printing technique to print 50% Cotton/50% Polyester towels, front side is printed polyester, velour, and, back side is blank white cotton, terry.

Sublimation or Transfer Printing on the border of the towel

Promotional towel of terry quality can be customized by a sublimation print on its border. Besides the border, which is composed of polyester, the Terry towel is composed entirely of cotton.

Types of the Printed Promotional Customized Towels

100 % Cotton Promotional Printed Towels

Custom printed towels, also called as promotional printed towels, are an excellent way to promote your company. We provide a range of branding solutions for promotional custom printed towels. Any of our promotional printed towels may be customized with your logo and message.

turkey manufacturer wholesale towels 100 % Cotton Promotional Printed Towels

turkey manufacturer wholesale towels rotation printed towels

Custom Sublimation Printed Towels

We manufacture sublimation printed promotional towels, also known as digitally printed towels.

The fabric of the sublimation towels is usually composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is produced in velour quality.


Our sublimation printed towels come with a custom logo and make excellent promotional items.

Custom Sublimated Towels

When using custom sublimated towels, you are able to fully express your creative artwork and are not constrained by the quantity of custom colors you can utilize.

Custom sublimation printed towels can be used as kitchen towels, bar towels, beach towels, golf towels, sports towels and gym towels.

The production process of sublimation printed towels

Sublimation towel printing is a technique of printing that starts with printing on a special sheet of paper and then applies the image to a towel, mainly a polycotton towel.

Afterwards, the ink is heated until it dissolves into the towel.

Sublimation printing is the method of transferring sublimation dyes to transfer paper, that is subsequently heat transferred onto a towel.

Promotional Towels with Sublimation Printed Border

We produce border printed terry towels with a sublimation print on the border, which are ideal for transfer and sublimation printing. 

custom promotional towels with sublimation printed border

custom promotional towels with sublimation print border

These customized printed towels are personalized logo towels that make excellent corporate products.


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