Knitted Clothing

We produce custom promotional knitwear with your custom logo embroidered or jacquard knit, including promotional caps, beanies, scarves, and gloves, also as sets, made from eco-friendly quality acrylic yarns, that is a great way to promote your company.

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Promotional Knitted Clothing

We manufacture knitted promotional clothing accessoires such as scarves, gloves and beanies that are plain or jacquard-patterned.

The jacquard knitted scarves, gloves and beanies can be branded with knit patterns featuring your logo or design using up to four distinct custom colors while the plain versions can be branded by embroidery.

Our custom promotional scarves, gloves, and beanies are knit using wool-like, high-quality acrylic yarns that are eco-friendly and dyed in your custom colors or the most suitable shades.

Custom Promotional Knitwear

Our advanced knitting equipment enable us to manufacture custom poromotional knitted scarves, promotional gloves, and promotional beanies using practically infinite patterns on a range of colors and styles.

Due to our sophisticated knitting machinery, we can easily create custom patterns or brand logos on knitted promotional clothing accessories in your custom colors.

Promotional knitted scarves

Our promotional knit scarves come in a variety of styles, including jacquard knit acrylic scarves, embroidered knit acrylic scarves, knitted fan scarves, knitted striped fan scarves, and more.

They are very functional and affordable clothing accessories made in the typical football fan style or in ideal for simple, bold designs, and they display an incredible level of detail in your logo.

Types of promotional knitted scarves 

Jacquard knitted acrylic promotional scarves

Embroidered knitted acrylic promotional scarves

Jacquard knitted fan scarves

Knitted striped fan scarves

Promotional knitted beanies

Several knit caps created to keep your head warmer in winter weather are referred to as beanies in common usage.

The practicality and comfort of the custom promotional beanies, which come in a variety of styles, make them popular promotional clothing items.

We can put your logo on custom beanies to make them branded promotional clothing accessories both individually and as part of a set.

We produce custom made promotonal knitted beanies in your own solid colors or in dyed colors.

We can brand winter knitted hats complete with company names or logos by using jacquard knitting, embroidery or by stitching labels.

Promotional knitted gloves

Custom promotional knitted gloves come in types including fingerless gloves and touchscreen gloves, making them excellent promotional products for the cold season.

In order to increase your brand's visibility in the market, custom knit gloves can be customized with a company name, logo, and tagline.

In addition, you can choose your own colors for the custom knitted gloves.

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Nova Bravo Ltd., based in Turkey, is a full-service textile manufacturer specializing in custom promotional towels, Turkish towels, and promotional textiles and promotional clothing. We provide high-quality product manufacturing and exceptional customer service, as well as smart product customization and timely, caring delivery.

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