Hooded Bathrobes

Custom hooded bathrobes branded with a custom embroidered or printed logo are stylish promotional gifts. Custom promotional bathrobes with hood are produced by using premium sustainable Turkish cotton terry fabric with super soft and absorbent fibers.

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Custom Hooded Bathrobes

Custom hooded bathrobes provide personalized robes adorned with branding, serving the dual purpose of comfort and promotion. Made from premium Turkish cotton terry cloth, our hooded robes boast superior quality, ensuring both absorbency and coziness. The creation of the hooded robes involves a meticulous process that begins with the careful selection of high-grade materials, followed by precise stitching techniques. To enhance their promotional aspect, logos can be elegantly incorporated onto the fabric through embroidery or printing methods. This harmonious blend of personalized branding and exceptional craftsmanship results in versatile and attractive hooded bathrobes. Our production is organized to meet defined specifications, our hooded bathrobes provide color customization, enabling a seamless blend with designated colors, tones, or brand palettes. We expertly craft each robe in your specified custom color, ensuring a truly personalized and distinctive promotional item.

What is a Hooded Bathrobe ?

A hooded bathrobe is a type of bathrobe typically made from absorbent and comfortable cotton terry cloth fabric and that features a uniquely designed hood integrated at the neckline, offering additional warmth and coverage for the head and neck areas. What sets it apart from regular bathrobes is the addition of a hood attached to the back of the robe, similar to a hood on a sweatshirt or jacket. The hood provides extra warmth and coverage for the head and neck after bathing or showering.

With its combination of premium cotton terry cloth, hooded design, a custom cotton terry cloth hooded bathrobe provides both comfort and style, making it a distinctive and cherished loungewear item that caters to one's unique preferences and enhances the post-bathing relaxation experience.

Hooded bathrobes are often used after bathing or swimming to help dry off and stay warm. They are popular in spa settings, hotels, and homes as cozy loungewear. The hooded design adds a touch of style and functionality, making it a comfortable choice for those who want to wrap themselves in warmth from head to toe.

Customers can choose specific details such as the robe's color, size, length, and even have the option to add personalized embroidery or monograms. This level of customization ensures that the bathrobe is perfectly suited to the wearer's taste and needs.

Custom Bathrobes

Custom bathrobes are personalized or specially designed bathrobes that are produced to meet specific preferences, needs, or branding requirements. Instead of opting for a standard, mass-produced bathrobe, organizations or businesses can customize various aspects of the robe, such as fabric, color, size, design, and even logo placement. This allows for a unique and personalized touch, making the bathrobe suited to custom preferences or aligning with a brand's identity. Custom bathrobes are commonly used in hotels, spas, resorts, as promotional merchandise, and as thoughtful gifts.

Styles of Custom Terry Cloth Bathrobes

Custom terry cloth bathrobes come in a variety of styles, offering different features and designs to suit various preferences and occasions. Here are some common styles:

  1. Classic Shawl Collar: This style features a traditional shawl collar design with a wide, rounded lapel. It's a timeless and luxurious option often seen in hotels and spas.

  2. Kimono: Inspired by Japanese kimono robes, this style has a straight, open front and wide sleeves. It offers a relaxed and elegant look.

  3. Hooded: These bathrobes have an attached hood, adding extra warmth and coziness. They are great for use after showers or by the pool.

Manufacturing Custom Bathrobes : Processing for High-Quality Turkish Cotton Custom Hooded Bathrobes

As a leading custom bathrobe manufacturer , serving always premium quality , we start the with the selection and quality control of the handpicked, premium Turkish cotton, renowned for its opulent texture. Through quality spinning and weaving, we produce terry cloth fabric with carefully calibrated loops, ensuring unmatched softness and absorbency. Personalization takes center stage as our experts customize colors and add branding details. Precision cutting, expert stitching, and rigorous quality control guarantee perfection. The final touch of packaging ensures your bathrobe arrives as a masterpiece of luxury, embodying the artistry and comfort we stand for.Customer feedback guides us in identifying areas for enhancement, enabling us to refine our manufacturing process as needed. Through our skilled team and our manufacturing experience, we ensure the production of a luxurious and high-quality Turkish cotton terry cloth bathrobes with outstanding depth, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

Selection of High Quality Turkish Cotton

We carefully select premium Turkish cotton renowned for its softness, absorbency, and durability. The quality of the cotton directly influences the comfort and longevity of our final product. The quality of our Turkish cotton fibers significantly shapes bathrobe performance. Renowned for its plushness and length, our Turkish cotton offers exceptional comfort and durability. Its extended fibers enhance absorbency and quick drying, while the fabric's refined appearance adds an elegant touch. In essence, our Turkish cotton elevates bathrobe performance through comfort, longevity, and functional excellence.

Spinning of High Quality Turkish Cotton Yarn

We process the chosen cotton fibers through spinning machines to produce the high-quality yarn required for weaving. Bathrobe absorbency is greatly influenced by yarn quality. Our premium quality Turkish cotton, with longer fibers, offer enhanced moisture absorption and effective wicking. Proper spinning and fabric density further optimize moisture retention. Ultimately, our high-quality yarn contributes to a more absorbent and comfortable bathrobe experience.

Weaving of High Quality Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobes Fabric

Employing the spun yarn, we weave terry cloth fabric with loops that give our bathrobe its characteristic softness and absorbency. The depth of these loops determines the plushness of our terry cloth. The weaving quality of terry cloth fabric significantly influences bathrobe performance. Skillful weaving enhances comfort, providing a soft and plush texture against the skin. Efficiently woven fabric with defined loops boosts absorbency, ensuring a quick-drying experience. Durability is improved, as expert weaving resists wear and tear from regular use and washing. Overall, weaving quality shapes the bathrobe's comfort, absorbency, and longevity.

Customization of Terry Fabric Color

We create fabric swatches to precisely match the desired custom color. Our color lab expertise ensures consistent and accurate shades. We create fabric swatches to precisely match the desired custom color. Our color lab expertise ensures consistent and accurate shades. The customization of terry fabric color stands as a vital process in shaping the identity of each bathrobe. Through the creation of precise fabric swatches, we capture your desired custom color with accuracy. Our color lab's expertise ensures that shades are consistent and faithful to your vision. This process elevates the bathrobe's uniqueness and personalization, making it a truly distinct and meaningful garment that reflects your preferences.

Dyeing of Terry Cloth Bathrobe Fabric

After the fabric color is approved, we dye the terry cloth to attain the desired hue. Utilizing proper dyeing techniques is crucial for color consistency and vibrancy. The dyeing quality of terry cloth fabric significantly influences bathrobe quality and performance. Skillful dyeing guarantees consistent color, preserving fabric integrity and softness. Well-dyed fabric retains effective absorbency and quick drying, bolstering the bathrobe's functionality. Additionally, high-quality dyeing contributes to durability, preventing color fading and ensuring long-lasting use. Overall, careful dyeing practices enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of bathrobes.

Size Customization ofd Custom Bathrobes and Size Charts, Pattern Making

We formulate size charts based on standard measurements or specific customer requirements.Our skilled team devises patterns for the bathrobe pieces, ensuring they can accommodate the significant depth of the terry cloth. The quality of bathrobes is significantly influenced by precise size customization, carefully crafted size charts, and meticulous pattern making. These elements collectively ensure a perfect fit, elevate comfort, and guarantee overall satisfaction for wearers. Tailored to individual measurements, size customization and size charts result in bathrobes that fit flawlessly, offering enhanced comfort and wearability. The art of pattern making ensures uniform proportions throughout the garment, creating a harmonious design from the hood to the sleeves. By minimizing the need for alterations, well-designed size charts and patterns maintain the bathrobe's intended fit and design. This approach not only enhances aesthetics but also contributes to the bathrobe's durability, longevity, and overall quality.

Cutting Terry Cloth Bathrobe Fabric

We employ the patterns to precisely cut out bathrobe pieces from the dyed terry cloth fabric, ensuring alignment with the fabric loops' depth. The cutting quality of terry cloth fabric directly influences both the overall quality and performance of bathrobes. Precise cutting ensures that each piece of fabric is tailored to the intended design and size, preventing irregularities and ensuring consistent dimensions. Well-cut fabric pieces align accurately during sewing, reducing the risk of misalignment and ensuring a smooth assembly. Properly cut fabric also affects the bathrobe's drape and comfort, enhancing its overall appearance and wearability. Inconsistent cutting can lead to uneven seams, distorted proportions, and discomfort, significantly compromising the bathrobe's quality, aesthetics, and overall performance.

Branding Custom Bathrobes with Embroidery, Monogram, or Printing

Our chosen branding elements, such as logos or monograms, are applied through embroidery, printing, or other customization techniques. The branding quality of bathrobes, achieved through techniques like embroidery, monogramming, or printing, has a significant impact on their overall quality and performance. A well-executed branding adds to the bathrobe's appeal, personalization, and value. Precise placement and attention to detail in branding contribute to a professional and polished appearance. However, subpar branding can lead to uneven stitching, misaligned designs, or fading prints, diminishing the bathrobe's visual appeal and quality. Meticulous branding enhances the overall aesthetic, reflects the brand's attention to detail, and elevates the bathrobe's overall performance by contributing to its uniqueness and marketability.

Sewing Custom Bathrobes

Our expert artisans skillfully assemble the bathrobe pieces, including the hood, sleeves, and any added features like pockets or belts. Precise sewing maintains the overall quality we pride ourselves on. Sewing quality plays a pivotal role in determining both the overall quality and performance of bathrobes. Expert sewing ensures that fabric pieces are joined seamlessly, preventing loose threads, uneven seams, and potential fraying. Well-stitched seams contribute to the bathrobe's durability, preventing premature wear and maintaining its structural integrity over time. Proper sewing techniques also ensure a comfortable and non-restrictive fit, allowing the bathrobe to move with the wearer. In contrast, poor sewing quality can lead to discomfort, reduced durability, and compromised aesthetics, ultimately affecting the bathrobe's quality and overall performance.

Quality Control of the finished Bathrobes

At various stages—cutting, sewing, and branding—we conduct thorough inspections to ensure each step meets our stringent quality standards.

Finishing and Packaging

We trim loose threads with care, press the bathrobe for a polished appearance, and verify the excellence of all customizations.Our careful packaging safeguards the bathrobe during shipment and transportation.

Final Quality Check

We perform a final quality control check to confirm that the bathrobe's color, stitching, branding, and overall presentation uphold our highest standards.

Shipment and Transportation

Finished bathrobes are shipped as part of our supply chain strategy, ensuring their safe and timely transportation.

Components of a Hooded Bathrobe

The parts of a hooded bathrobe consists of various components that contribute to its overall design, comfort, and functionality. While specific features may vary depending on the brand and style, here are the common elements you can expect to find in a typical hooded bathrobe:

The main body of the bathrobe consists of front and back panels that provide coverage for the torso. The body is typically made from soft, absorbent, and comfortable materials such as cotton terry cloth.

The hood is an attached component at the neckline of the bathrobe, extending upward to cover the head. It's designed to provide warmth and protection for the head and neck. The hood is usually lined with the same cozy terry cotton cloth as the rest of the robe.

The collar is the part of the bathrobe that surrounds the neck area when the robe is worn without the hood up. It helps keep the neck warm and adds a stylish touch to the design.

The shoulder seams connect the front and back panels of the robe and help provide structure to the garment. They also contribute to the robe's overall fit and comfort.

Hooded bathrobes have long sleeves that extend from the shoulder down to the wrists. The sleeves are designed to keep the arms warm and covered.

The cuffs are the end portions of the sleeves that wrap around the wrists. They may have elastic, buttons, or other closures to help secure the sleeves in place and prevent them from rolling up.

Bathrobes typically have a closure mechanism at the front, allowing you to wrap the robe around your body and secure it. Common closure options include a belt (sash) that ties around the waist, buttons, snaps, or a zipper.

Many bathrobes feature pockets, usually located on the front panels, near the waist. These pockets provide a convenient place to store small items like a phone, keys, or tissues.

The length of a hooded bathrobe can vary, with options ranging from above the knee to ankle-length. The length contributes to the overall style and coverage of the robe.

The hem is the finished edge at the bottom of the bathrobe. It helps maintain the shape of the garment and provides a polished look.

If the robe uses a belt for closure, there may be belt loops on the sides to hold the belt in place and prevent it from shifting.

Hooded bathrobes may feature decorative elements such as piping, embroidery, patterns, or appliqués, adding a touch of style to the robe's design.

Types of Custom Hooded Bathrobes

The specific design and features of a hooded bathrobe can vary widely based on the intended use, and personal preferences. Each type of hooded bathrobe offers its own set of features and benefits, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs for post-bathing relaxation and comfort.

Terry cloth hooded bathrobes are a classic and popular choice. They are made from absorbent cotton terry fabric, known for its ability to quickly wick away moisture, making them ideal for after showers or baths. The looped texture of terry cloth provides a soft and plush feel against the skin, while the hood adds extra warmth and coverage for the head and neck. Terry cloth hooded robes are a comfortable and functional option for cozy lounging.

Velour hooded bathrobes offer a luxurious and velvety texture. These robes are made from cotton terry cloth with a velour finish on the outside, giving them a soft and smooth feel. Velour robes are known for their elegant appearance and exceptional comfort. The hood provides added coziness, making them a stylish choice for relaxation and indulgence.

Waffle terry hooded bathrobes combine the texture of waffle weave with the absorbency of terry cloth. The waffle weave pattern adds a unique and subtle texture to the robe, enhancing its breathability and lightweight feel. These robes are designed to provide comfort and absorbency while maintaining a slightly lighter and less dense overall structure. The hooded design adds an extra layer of warmth and versatility.

How Can Our Custom Robes Enhance Promotional Branding? Corporate Comfort Solutions with Personalized Bathrobes.

Tailored Comfort for Your Brand: Customized Cotton Robes

Elevate your promotional offerings with our Customized Cotton Robes. Individually crafted to align seamlessly with your brand identity, these robes provide a perfect blend of comfort and style. Select your preferred size, color, and design to create an exclusive loungewear experience for your clients.

Branded Elegance Redefined: Custom Robes featuring Logo Integration

Make a lasting impression with our Custom Robes featuring Logo Integration. Carefully manufactured, these cotton robes effortlessly incorporate your company's logo or emblem, delivering a sophisticated and brand-representative touch. Enhance your corporate image with comfort and style.

Promote Your Brand in Comfort: Personalized Robes for Promotion

Our Personalized Robes for Promotion are designed to offer unparalleled comfort while effectively promoting your brand. Add embroidered logos, promotional slogans, or unique brand identifiers to create a memorable and impactful marketing tool. Deliver both comfort and brand visibility to your clients.

Luxurious Harmony for Your Brand: Customized Bathrobe Sets

Provide a touch of luxury with our Customized Bathrobe Sets. Thoughtfully designed or modified, these cotton bathrobes form a cohesive collection with matching colors, complementary styles, and personalized touches. Elevate your brand's image by offering a harmonized and luxurious lounging experience.

Premium Personalization for Discerning Clients: Best Personalized Bathrobes in the market

Impress your clients with the Best Personalized Bathrobes in the market. Renowned for superior craftsmanship, luxurious comfort, and detailed personalization, these robes go beyond standard customization. Enhance your business relationships by offering premium materials and personalized features for an unparalleled at-home spa experience.

Distinctive Corporate Gifting: Personalized Robes tailored for corporate gifting

Make a statement with our Personalized Robes tailored for corporate gifting. Individually customized with corporate logos, monograms, and unique design features, these cotton robes are a reflection of your client's distinctive style. Provide comfort and showcase your client's brand identity with every garment.

Corporate Comfort, Hooded Style: Custom Hooded Robes

Our Custom Hooded Robes offer personalized comfort with hoods crafted or adjusted to meet your specific branding preferences. Combine practicality and style as you provide extra warmth and a unique touch to your promotional offerings.

Crafted Elegance for Your Brand: Personalized Cotton Robes tailored for B2B clients

Embrace personalized luxury with our Personalized Cotton Robes tailored for B2B clients. Undergoing detailed customization, these robes prioritize comfort while reflecting your client's distinct preferences in style and design. Offer a premium cotton masterpiece tailored exclusively for their brand.

Bathrobes With Logo

Custom bathrobes with logos are personalized bathrobe creations that incorporate a specific logo, design, or branding element of an individual, company, organization, or event. These bathrobes are uniquely crafted to bear the chosen logo, creating a distinctive and recognizable appearance. The process involves embroidering or printing the logo onto the bathrobe's fabric, often in a strategic and aesthetically pleasing location.

We specialize in producing high quality custom bathrobes suitable for various fabric weights, making them perfect for both gifting and special occasions. 

Depending on your preferences regarding size and color, these personalized bathrobes can be elegantly embroidered with your company name, logo, or abbreviation, providing a distinctive touch. 

The custom bathrobe presents an excellent opportunity to infuse your brand's identity, enhancing its visibility effectively.

Our extensive selection encompasses a variety of environmentally conscious fabric options, ensuring easy maintenance with reduced water and electricity usage during laundering.

Custom choices, including fabrics, textures, colors, embroideries, logos, printing, and tailored sizes, are readily accessible upon inquiry.

Our custom hooded bath robes showcase superior craftsmanship, meticulously fashioned from the finest Turkish cotton terry fabric.

Meeting rigorous standards for textile and material performance, our custom robes assure quality.

Choose from our premium range, featuring specially branded velour or deluxe terry pile robes, to complete your selection.

Custom robes with hood

Our custom hooded bathrobes are woven from 100% premium Turkish Cotton terry fabric.

Personalized hooded robes with perfect absorption are made from the softest terry cloth available.

Terry Cloth Bathrobe with Hood

We develop and manufacture custom bathrobes with hood.

Personalized, 100% Cotton, Terry cloth hooded bathrobes are produced in your custom colors for companies, hotels, spas, saunas and teams, etc.

Custom promotional hooded robes with your custom logo with your artwork create a great promotional concept for your business events.

All of the components of the terry hooded robe, including the hood, pockets, sleeves, placket, and belt, are stitched with excellent craftsmanship.

For greater durability, the seams custom hooded bathrobes are stitched with reinforced thread.

Multipurpose Custom Terry Robes with Hood

Terry cotton bathrobes with hood are excellent for spas, baths, showers, pools, hotels, and apartments for men, women, and children.

Turkish cotton hooded bathrobes can be machine laundered in cold water.

Breakfast can be taken in the comfort of your custom hooded robe.

The sleeve seam of hooded robe is stitched diagonally away from the armpit to eliminate tension on your skin and allow for better movement.

Hooded bathrobes can be tied below the belly, while others wrap them higher up.

We can include an adjustable belt loop on terry hooded robes that may be worn either way.

A simple addition can increase the custome robe's functionality and comfort.

The interior part of a custom hooded robe is coated with the same soft terry fabric as the exterior, permitting you to surround yourself in comfort after a bath or shower.

Promotional Hooded Bathrobes

Our luxury hooded bathrobes are best corporate gifts. 

Our Turkish cotton terry hooded bathrobes have a generous cut hood for both comfort and style.

Wholesale Hooded Cotton Bathrobes

We manufacture and export promotional hooded bathrobes that are made using quality Turkish cotton, extra long fiber, making it softer, stronger and smoother.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality towelling fabric, designed for hotels and spas.

All of our hooded bathrobes are for frequent washing and highly absorbent and long-lasting.

Our super soft hooded bathrobes are ideal promotional gifts and produces with eco friendly processes.

Custom Logo Promotional Hooded Bathrobes

Our custom terry cloth hooded bath robes have an embroidered or printed logo and make stylish and well-received executive presents.

We manufacture soft custom robes with hood with your brand printed, embroidered, or both.

Promotional Hooded Robes with Custom Logo Embroidery

We can offer you our hooded bathrobes personalized with embroidery.

We can add an embroidery logo or your company name to the left chest of your robe.

Promotional Hooded Robes with Custom Logo Embroidery offer a stylish branding solution. These robes combine comfort and customized branding by adding your logo or company name through embroidery on the left chest. This expertly crafted customization enhances the robe's visual appeal and transforms it into a promotional tool. With these robes, you can effortlessly promote your brand while providing recipients with both comfort and style. It's a seamless way to leave a lasting impression.

Types of Promotional Hooded Robes by Size


Types of Custom Hooded Bathrobes by Functions

Step into a realm of comfort and elegance with our exquisite line of Hooded Robes. Each robe is carefully crafted to cater to various lifestyles and settings, ensuring a luxurious experience that's tailored to your needs. Elevate your moments with the finest robes that ensure unparalleled comfort and sophistication. No matter the setting, occasion, or preference, our Hooded Robes Collection brings a touch of luxury to your lifestyle. 

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