We ensure precise color matching of custom towels and consistent results in custom textiles through quality management of dyeing, strict tests, and our lab's excellent setup with modern colorimetric equipment that controls the mixing of the dying recipes.

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Dyeing Process of Custom Towels


We consider our dyeing unit, which is equipped with advanced dyeing machinery with automatic loading systems for chemical compounds and coloring agents, to be an essential part of our customer service.


This section is progressively becoming more updated with improved manufacturing capacity due to consistent investment in brand-new machinery.


Modern colorimetric technology, which is carefully installed in our lab, controls the mixing of the dyeing recipes to ensure precise color matching and reliable results in significant numbers.


Through strict tests and controls, we maintain a continuous quality management system for dyeing.


The bonding of the dye to the fiber has a significant impact on dying speed and quality.


Reactive dyes are used to color the cotton cellulose fiber used to produce terry toweling fabrics.


The reactive group of the dye forms a covalent link with the fiber polymer, becoming an essential component of the fiber.


Because reactive dyes have great light fastness and a stable electron configuration, they can withstand the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet rays.


Due to the presence of two chlorine atoms in cold brands, reactive dyeing can be carried out at room temperature.


Alkali is added to the dyebath in order to neutralize the acid that is created when reactive dyes form a covalent connection with cotton.


Dyeing of terry towels


Reactive dyeing processes can usually be used to dye terry towels. The perfect levelness seen between bottom and pile and also between the pile and selvedge is a feature.


Terry towels are often dyed using the batch method in a soft-flow dyeing equipment.


The continuous dyeing process has recently evolved, and problems such crushed flat pile, high lint generation, and non-processing of zero twist have been avoided.


Batch dyeing equipment are appropriate for small quantities because they are flexible enough to allow dyeing of different sizes simultaneously and frequent color changes.

Dyeing of Solid colored towels 

Towels in solid colors are piece dyed, and in this category, solid embroidered towelsrelief jacquard towels, and border jacquard towels can all be included.

Dyeing of Yarn Dyed Towels 

The striped towels and yarn dyed jacquard towels are produced by use of colored yarn that is dyed before the weaving process.

One of our primary competencies is coloring single and double spun yarns to produce yarn dyed jacquard towels.

Colour fastness of the terry towels

High levels of color fastness are necessary for terry towels.

The dyed terry towel should primarily meet the following requirements: color levelness from loop to base; uniformity of shade in pile and selvedges; good water absorption; and resistance to chlorinated water, multiple domestic laundering, benzoyl peroxide, and water severe.

Color Quality of 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Fabric:


Cotton terry towelling fabric is a popular choice for towels and bathrobes due to its softness, absorbency, and comfort. The color quality of these products is essential for their aesthetic appeal and customer satisfaction. The dyeing process plays a crucial role in achieving consistent and vibrant colors that remain durable through multiple washes.


Color Excellence in Cotton Terry Towelling Fabrics: Managing Quality Throughout the Dyeing Process

Pre-Dyeing Quality Control

Prior to the dyeing process, quality control involves ensuring that the fabric is free from defects such as stains, spots, or uneven dye uptake areas. Any imperfections can affect the final color outcome.

During Dyeing Quality Control

During the dyeing process, various parameters are monitored to maintain color consistency:

Dye Concentration

Precise measurement of dye concentration helps achieve the desired color depth.

Temperature and Time

These factors influence color absorption and fixation. Maintaining uniform temperature and time across the dye bath ensures even dye distribution.


Proper agitation prevents color streaking or uneven dyeing.

pH Levels

The pH of the dye bath affects color uptake. Monitoring and adjusting pH can prevent color deviations.

Post-Dyeing Quality Control

After dyeing, fabric samples are examined for color accuracy and consistency. Quality control measures include:

Color Fastness

Testing for colorfastness against factors like light, water, and rubbing ensures the color remains vibrant and doesn't fade quickly.

Color Matching

Sample swatches are compared to a predetermined color standard to ensure the desired color has been achieved.

Color Lab Tests

Laboratory tests play a significant role in assessing color quality:


This measures the color spectrum of the fabric and helps ensure color consistency across batches.


Quantifies color using standard color spaces (such as CIELAB) to assess color differences and ensure accuracy.

Light Fastness Testing

Determines how well the color withstands exposure to light, ensuring longevity.

Wash Fastness Testing

Measures color retention after repeated wash cycles, indicating the durability of the dye.

Advanced Coloring Management for Terry Towelling Fabrics

By implementing our advanced coloring management practices on our terry towelling fabric, we ensure high-quality color consistency, accuracy, and longevity.

Achieving precise and consistent colors in terry towelling fabrics involves:

Professional Coloration Management

This comprehensive approach involves experts collaborating with designers and manufacturers to ensure consistent color outcomes.

Strict Colour Description and Specification System

Clear color descriptions and standardized systems like Pantone or CIELAB coordinates maintain color consistency.

Advanced Coloring Management

Instrumental Color Measurement System

Spectrophotometry devices quantify fabric color accurately, allowing for adjustments based on specified standards.

Color Quality Evaluation

Color assessment under different lighting conditions ensures consistent appearance in various environments.

Perfect Color Fastness Properties

Rigorous testing guarantees the fabric's color remains vibrant, fade-resistant, and durable over time.


Eco-Friendly Sustainable Dyeing Process

Our towels are dyed ecologically and sustainably .

We implement OekoTex-100 environmental textile standards during the dyeing process.

We choose best quality dye materials that are safe for the environment.

Sustainable dyeing of terry towelling fabrics involves environmentally conscious methods that minimize water, chemical, and energy usage while prioritizing non-toxic dyes, ensuring lasting color and quality while reducing ecological impact. 

Sustainable dyeing fosters a responsible and eco-friendly textile industry, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable dyeing practices for terry towelling fabrics are crucial due to their:

Environmental Benefits: 

Reduces water consumption, chemical usage, and energy consumption.

Minimizes water pollution and chemical discharge.

Contributes to ecosystem preservation.

Chemical Responsibility:

Prioritizes non-toxic, biodegradable dyes.

Enhances worker safety and health.

Energy Efficiency:

Promotes renewable energy sources and optimized equipment.

Reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Longevity and Quality:

Improves color fastness and fabric durability.

Reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Consumer and Brand Impact:

Aligns with consumer values for eco-friendly products.

Enhances brand reputation and competitiveness.

Regulatory Compliance:

Meets evolving regulations on environmental impact.

Innovation and Circular Economy:

Drives research in sustainable dyeing technologies.

Supports the principles of the circular economy.

Sustainable dyeing fosters a responsible and eco-friendly textile industry, contributing to a more sustainable future.

OEKO-TEX Certification: Elevating Safety and Sustainability for 100% Cotton Towelling Products

We collaborate with OEKO-TEX certified dye houses to ensure the production of terry towelling products that adhere to the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

The OEKO-TEX Standard globally recognized for safety and sustainability in textiles, particularly 100% cotton towelling products like towels and bathrobes. It safeguards consumers and the environment by setting stringent criteria for harmful substances.

OEKO-TEX certifications for 100% cotton towelling involve rigorous testing by independent labs, requiring adherence to strict guidelines.

OEKO-TEX labels signify products meet high standards of safety and sustainability, aiding informed consumer decisions.

In the OEKO-TEX framework: 


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX for Cotton Towelling

Certifies 100% cotton towelling towels and bathrobes.

Encompasses entire production stages.

Tests for harmful substances, granting STANDARD 100 label for safety.

Made in Green by OEKO-TEX for Cotton Towelling

Confirms absence of harmful substances.

Emphasizes sustainable and ethical production.

Empowers environmentally conscious choices.

Provides unique ID for traceability.

Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX for Cotton Towelling

Evaluates chemical safety.

Ensures OEKO-TEX compliance.


Enhances overall product quality.

Color Customization for Terry Towelling Fabrics

Color customization for terry towelling fabrics refers to the specialized process of creating and applying unique and tailor-made color variations to these fabrics. It involves the development of distinct colors, shades, or patterns that are not part of the standard color palette. This process is designed to meet specific design preferences, brand identities, or individual requirements, allowing our costumers to achieve a personalized and distinctive look for their terry towelling products. Color customization may involve mixing different dyes, adjusting dye concentrations, or employing specialized dyeing techniques to achieve the desired color outcome that sets the fabric apart.

Development of Special Colors and Shades

Expertise in creating unique and customized hues to meet specific design or brand requirements. A fundamental component of this process is the artful creation of exceptional and tailor-made hues that impeccably match specific design or brand demands. Expertise is crucial in crafting a spectrum of unique colors that resonate seamlessly with the intended aesthetic and message.


Dyeing and Coloring in Terry Towel Manufacturing

Comprehensive processes encompassing dyeing and coloring stages, ensuring the desired color outcome. Within terry towel manufacturing, this extends beyond mere coloring and encompasses a holistic approach covering the complete spectrum of dyeing and coloring phases. The aim is to ensure that the final color outcome aligns flawlessly with the intended vision.


terry towels manufacturing dyeing and coloring 

Color Verification Process

Stringent checks and evaluations to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of the chosen color. To ensure impeccable execution, rigorous checks and evaluations are implemented. These assessments uphold the accuracy, consistency, and integrity of the chosen color. Each step is closely monitored to guarantee harmony with the specified shade.


Sampling or Lab-Dipping for Target Color Approval

Thorough sampling and lab-dipping procedures to validate and gain approval for the initial target color, ensuring it aligns with expectations.  Before transitioning to full-scale production, a systematic sampling and lab-dipping protocol is executed. This guarantees not only the achievement of the initial target color but also a flawless alignment with pre-established requirements. This validation process assures that the final fabric resonates perfectly with the envisioned color, culminating in a cohesive end product.

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