Beach Towels

Custom Beach Towels or Custom Logo Beach towels, are great promotional gifts. The main types of promotional beach towels are jacquard beach towels, printed beach towels, sublimation printed beach towels and embroidered beach towels.

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Custom Beach Towels 

Our custom logo promotional beach towels are high value promotional gifts that show your company logo as printed or jacquard woven or embroidered.

You can show your custom design or logo with prestige on the beach by our personalized promotional beach towels.

Our custom beach towels are perfect promotional items.

These custom towels are ideal promotional gifts, promotional products.

By using a range of customization techniques like printing, jacquard weaving, or embroidery, your company logo is adeptly woven into the very fabric of the towel. This turns a straightforward beach necessity into a dynamic promotional product that effectively represents your brand identity wherever it is taken.

What are Custom Beach Towels?

Custom beach towels are bespoke textile articles featuring personalized designs, logos, or messages, created for beach use and often utilized for promotional campaigns or as personalized presents. Frequently employed as effective instruments for promotional campaigns, they also make for thoughtful and individualized gifts, embodying both practicality and sentiment. Custom beach towels serve a multitude of functions, spanning from supporting branding initiatives to enriching individual beach outings.

Custom beach towels are specially designed and personalized towels that feature unique artwork, logos, patterns, or text, created according to individual preferences or specific promotional purposes. These towels offer a distinct and exclusive touch, allowing individuals, businesses, or organizations to showcase their creativity, brand identity, or commemorate special events. Customization options may include printing, jacquard weaving, or embroidery techniques, enabling the incorporation of various designs, colors, and messaging. Custom beach towels serve as high-value promotional items, thoughtful gifts, or cherished mementos, making beach or outdoor experiences more enjoyable while leaving a lasting impression on users and those who encounter them.

Custom Logo Beach Towels

We have different types of custom logo beach towels according to your specifications and your personalized design and according to the method of customization of your logo, your artwork, your colors and labels.

Custom logo beach towels are high-quality towels designed for personalization, featuring a brand's logo or design seamlessly integrated into the fabric. These towels are customized to showcase a unique logo, promoting a company, event, or brand and they offer a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these towels combine style and functionality, ensuring comfort and quick-drying capabilities. With various customization techniques available, such as embroidery, jacquard weaving, and printing, custom logo beach towels provide a tailored and exclusive touch to elevate a brand's presence and visibility at the beach or poolside.

Elevate your beach experience with our exclusive collection of Custom Logo Beach TowelsPersonalized Logo Beach Towels offer a sophisticated touch, showcasing your brand's logo with precision and elegance. Embrace exclusivity with our Branded Beach Towels, expertly woven with your logo integrated seamlessly into the fabric.

For captivating and vibrant designs, explore our Logo Printed Beach Towels, where your brand's logo truly comes to life. Step into luxury with our Custom Logo Relief Jacquard Woven Beach Towels, adding a stunning 3D effect to your logo, creating a tactile and captivating experience.

Make a bold statement with our Custom Logo Border Jacquard Beach Towels, where your logo graces the towel's edge, capturing attention effortlessly. Experience the refined look of our Yarn Dyed Jacquard Woven Beach Towels with Logo, exuding sophistication and style.

For a touch of elegance, opt for our Logo Embroidered Beach Towels, where your logo is meticulously stitched to create a premium and timeless look. Each towel is crafted from premium materials, ensuring not only a visually stunning display but also superior functionality, with quick-drying and optimal comfort.

Let your brand shine under the sun with our Custom Logo Beach Towels, the ultimate fusion of style and technical craftsmanship. Contact us now to explore the possibilities of customization and elevate your beach branding game to new heights.

The Connection Between Cellulose and Color Fastness in Custom Beach Towels

See how Turkish cotton's cellulose content boosts the vibrancy of custom logo beach towels.

Turkish Cotton's Cellulose Enrichment

Renowned for quality, Turkish cotton's high cellulose content (about 94%) forms the foundation for color durability.

Enhanced Color Stability

Abundant cellulose hydroxyl groups create strong binding sites for colorants, ensuring long-lasting color against washing, sun, and wear.

Cellulose's Shielding Role

The unique cellulose fiber structure shields colors from UV, humidity, and daily use in personalized beach towels.

Elevated Cellulose's Impact

Turkish cotton's high cellulose content directly enhances color fastness in custom logo beach towels.

The Connection Between Cellulose and Color Fastness in Custom Beach Towels

Rigorous Testing and Excellence

Turkish cotton custom beach towels with logo excel in challenging color fastness tests, enduring light, water, washing, and rubbing.

The Science of Color Retention

The interplay between cellulose and color fastness underscores natural attributes and manufacturing expertise.

Elevate Your Brand

Experience enduring color brilliance with our promotional beach towels, a fusion of nature and human ingenuity.

Branded Towels: Enduring Brilliance

Unlock color's lasting vibrancy with branded beach towels with logo, uniting science and branding for lasting impact.

Why Custom Beach Towels are the Preferred and Prestigious Choice for Promotions ?

Custom beach towels offer multiple benefits for businesses across industries. Their visibility, longevity, and positive associations make them a practical, versatile, and memorable choice for promoting brands and engaging customers. 

The preference for custom beach towels as a prestigious promotional selection is rooted in their ability to seamlessly integrate practicality, personalization, and branding expertise. Their capacity to elevate a brand's image, coupled with their adaptability and dynamic visibility, solidifies their position as an exceptional choice for achieving promotional success in diverse industries. Moreover, these towels stand as a testament to high-quality craftsmanship, with careful attention to detail in both design and production, ensuring they exude a sense of luxury and durability that aligns with the brand's standards. This commitment to quality further enhances their appeal as a premium promotional tool that reflects the brand's unwavering dedication to excellence.

Versatile Promotional Product

Custom beach towels are a versatile promotional product, ideal for boosting brand visibility and engagement across industries. These towels offer a unique canvas for displaying logos, designs, or messages, making them perfect for marketing campaigns.

High Visibility

The high visibility of custom beach towels is a significant advantage. When people use them at beaches or pools, the customized designs catch the eye of others, spreading brand awareness effectively.

Long-Lasting Impact

Their long-lasting impact sets them apart from traditional advertisements. Recipients tend to keep and use these practical towels for extended periods, providing continuous brand exposure.

Create Positive Brand Associations

Personalized beach towels create positive brand associations. Customers perceive them as thoughtful gifts, enhancing the overall image of the brand.

Engaging Specific Target Audiences

Custom beach towels are versatile, fitting various industries. Businesses can tailor the designs to match their themes, engaging specific target audiences. These towels are effective tools for engaging audiences. They captivate attention during giveaways, promotions, or loyalty programs, conveying brand messages effectively.


Practicality is a key selling point. These towels serve a functional purpose, and as recipients use them, they build positive associations with the brand.


Uniqueness is an advantage over generic promotional items. Customized towels leave a lasting impression on customers, fostering stronger connections.

Enhance Guest Experiences

For industries related to travel, tourism, or outdoor activities, custom beach towels are a perfect match. Resorts, hotels, and travel agencies can leverage them to enhance guest experiences.

Features of Custom Beach Towels

We take immense pride in crafting custom beach towels that perfectly blend technical excellence with personalization. Our wide range of customization techniques ensures that every towel is a unique masterpiece, designed to cater to various functions and usage.

Yarn Dyed Jacquard: Elevate your beach experience with our yarn-dyed jacquard custom beach towels. Using intricately dyed yarns, we create stunning, vibrant designs that stand the test of time. Our standard sizes range from 70 cm x 140 cm to 100 cm x 150 cm, ensuring maximum comfort and absorbency.

Border Jacquard: Add a touch of elegance to your beach day with our border jacquard custom beach towels. The sophisticated borders frame your design flawlessly. Our standard sizes are 70 cm x 140 cm to 100 cm x 150 cm, these towels exude style and functionality.

Relief Jacquard: Experience beach luxury like never before with our relief jacquard custom beach towels. The raised, textured designs not only look exquisite but also enhance absorbency. These towels are available in standard sizes of 100 cm x 150 cm, offering an indulgent beach experience.

Custom Printing: Express your creativity with our custom printed beach towels. Using cutting-edge printing technology, we bring your designs to life with stunning precision. Our standard sizes range from 75 cm x 150 cm to 100 cm x 150 cm, catering to individual preferences.

Embroidered Elegance: Elevate your brand or personalization with our embroidered custom beach towels. Our skilled artisans meticulously stitch your design onto the towel, creating a luxurious and long-lasting finish. Available in standard sizes of 70 cm x 140 cm, these towels make a lasting impression.

Personalized Beach Accessories: Embrace the joy of personalization with our wide array of beach accessories. From custom beach bags to matching headrest covers, we offer a range of items that complement your custom beach towels perfectly.

Bespoke Creations: Let your imagination run wild with our bespoke beach towels. Our design experts work closely with you to create a truly unique towel, tailored to your specific preferences, function, and usage.

Custom Beach Towels for Events: Make your events memorable with our custom beach towels for events. Whether it's corporate retreats or destination weddings, we deliver personalized towels that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Personalized Pool Towels: Elevate your poolside experience with our personalized pool towels. These towels are available in various sizes, from 60 cm x 120 cm to 80 cm x 160 cm, and are designed for maximum comfort and functionality.

 We believe that custom beach towels should not only be an expression of identity but also cater to specific functions and usage. With our technical expertise and wide range of customization techniques, we ensure that your beach towels are not just towels but cherished memories of delightful beach days and unforgettable experiences. Let us create the perfect custom beach towels for you today!

Personalized Beach Towels

We manufacture custom beach towels with logo for companies who want to make an impact with branded items that consumers will certainly appreciate. Our personalised beach towels are perfect for trade shows, special incentive trips, staff gifting, corporate gifts, traveling excursion package, and more. Custom logo printingcustom logo embroidery, and custom jacquard weaving are available in a variety of quantities to match your needs. You can select your logo color and towel color from a range of cotton beach towel styles. Our Turkish dobby woven, jacquard woven, and printed beach towels are a top, luxurious selection. We carefully produce the beach towels for their high quality and color pallet, which runs from elegant shades and colours to delicate pastels. Our authentic Turkish beach towels dry quickly, become softer with each wash, and are extremely compact.

At Nova Bravo Ltd. we are committed to delivering high-quality personalized beach towels that align with your brand identity and promotional objectives.  We understand the importance of quality and customization of promotional merchandise in businesses, and that's why we offer our range of personalized beach towels produced to meet the diverse needs of our B2B and promotional clients. Here, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our wholesale personalized beach towels, along with the various customization options and classifications available.

1. What are Personalized Beach Towels?

Personalized beach towels are specially designed towels that cater to the unique requirements of businesses looking for customized solutions. Custom beach towels go beyond the standard options available in the market, offering a range of sizes, features, and customization possibilities to suit your brand and promotional needs.

2. Wholesale Personalized Beach Towels

a) Personalized Beach Towels Bulk:

For businesses with larger requirements, we offer personalized beach towels in bulk, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

b) Personalized Beach Towels Wholesale:

Our wholesale options provide flexibility and scalability, making it easy for you to meet the demands of your customers or promotional events.

3. Sizes and Features of Personalized Beach Towels

a) Personalized Oversized Beach Towels:

Ideal for those who seek maximum coverage and comfort.

b) Luxury Personalized Beach Towels:

Elevate your brand with our high-quality and luxurious options.

c) Colorful Personalized Beach Towels:

Vibrant and eye-catching towels to make a lasting impression.

d) Personalized Beach Towels with Images:

Incorporate your unique designs or logos for a personalized touch.

 4. Customization Options of Personalized Beach Towels

• Personalized Beach Towels with Custom Options:

Tailor the towels according to your specific requirements.

• Customized Personalized Beach Towels:

Make a statement with towels customized to reflect your brand identity.

 I. Jacquard Woven Personalized Beach Towels

a) Jacquard Woven Personalized Beach Towels:

Intricately woven for a sophisticated and textured finish.

b) Personalized Beach Towels with Jacquard Woven Border:

Add a touch of elegance with jacquard woven borders.

c) Relief Jacquard Beach Towels:

Explore textured patterns for a unique look and feel.

d) Yarn Dyed Jacquard Personalized Beach Towels:

Durable and vibrant towels with yarn-dyed designs.

II. Printed Personalized Beach Towels

a) Printed Personalized Beach Towels:

High-quality printing for sharp and vivid designs.

b) Personalized Beach Towels with Printed Border:

Create a seamless and visually appealing design.

c) Sublimation Printed Personalized Beach Towels:

Experience long-lasting and vibrant prints.

III. Embroidered Personalized Beach Towels

• Embroidered Personalized Beach Towels: Classic and timeless embroidery for a refined touch.

IV. Corporate Personalized Beach Towels

a) Personalized Beach Towels for B2B:

Tailored solutions for businesses and corporate clients.

b) Custom Logo Personalized Beach Towels:

Enhance brand visibility with custom logo options.

c) Personalized Logo Beach Towels:

Promote brand recognition with towels featuring your logo.

d) Personalized Beach Towels with Logo:

A subtle yet effective way to showcase your brand.

e) Personalized Beach Towels for Promotions:

Ideal for marketing campaigns and promotional events.

f) Personalized Pool Towels with Logo:

Extend your brand presence to poolside environments.

Wholesale Beach Towels with Logo

Our wholesale beach towels with logo are customized by embroidering printing or jacquard weaving.

Customize your Wholesale Beach Towels with Logo using our variety of techniques, each adding a unique touch to showcase your brand. Elevate your branding with the intricately woven yarn dyed jacquard technique, create a bold impression with the logo on the towel's border using the border jacquard weaving, or indulge in the tactile experience of relief jacquard weaving, which raises your logo from the towel's surface, creating a captivating 3D effect. For vibrant designs, opt for our printed beach towels, where your logo is flawlessly printed onto the surface. Alternatively, exude luxury with our embroidered beach towels, featuring meticulous stitching that adds refinement and sophistication to your brand.

Introducing our exclusive collection of Wholesale beach towels with Logo. These towels are not your ordinary ones; they are customized beach towels that can be personalized to suit your brand's needs. Whether you are looking for promotional beach towels or branded beach towels, we have got you covered. Our towels come in bulk beach towels with logo, making them perfect for events, giveaways, or corporate branding.

With our custom beach towels in bulk, you can showcase your logo in style. The logo printed beach towels offer a vibrant and eye-catching way to promote your brand. For a more sophisticated touch, we offer wholesale logo beach towels that exude elegance and luxury, perfect for corporate beach towels at upscale resorts.

These towels are not just for branding; they also serve a practical purpose. Whether you need beach towels for branding at events or as part of a giveaway, our custom logo beach towels wholesale provide the perfect canvas to make your mark.

Our towels are designed for impact, with your logo imprinted beach towels adding a touch of professionalism to any setting. For businesses looking to make a lasting impression, our embroidered beach towels in bulk offer a high-end look that sets you apart.

Planning an event? Our custom logo towels for events will help you leave a lasting impression on your guests. Looking to boost your brand image? Our custom beach towels for businesses are the way to go. Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with our range of Wholesale beach towels, logo beach towels, and personalized beach towels, tailored to elevate your beach experience to new heights.

So why settle for ordinary towels when you can have Wholesale beach towels with Logo that make a statement? Contact us now to elevate your branding game with these personalized and impactful towels.

Custom Beach Towels as Effective Company Logo Items

Custom beach towels are not just ordinary promotional items; they are powerful tools for boosting brand visibility. Whether your clients are lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or enjoying a day at the spa, your logo will be prominently displayed on these towels. This level of visibility ensures that your brand is seen and recognized in various settings, making custom beach towels an excellent choice for company logo items.

Custom beach towels offer more than just branding opportunities; they provide practicality and style. High-quality materials and vivid custom designs create a luxurious feel that reflects positively on your brand. Additionally, they make thoughtful corporate gifts for clients, employees, or event attendees, further strengthening your business relationships.

Investing in custom beach towels as company logo items is a strategic move that not only leaves a lasting impression but also promotes your brand wherever they go. It's a versatile and effective way to enhance brand recognition, and it sets your business apart in the minds of your audience.

Promotional Beach Towels 

Personalized promotional beach towels with custom logos are ideal advertising giveaways for companies.

Promotional beach towels are custom-designed towels used as effective marketing tools to promote brands, businesses, events, or campaigns. These towels are crafted with high-quality materials, such as terry cloth, velour, or microfiber, and personalized with logos, designs, or custom artwork. With their vibrant colors and eye-catching branding, promotional beach towels are not only practical for beachgoers but also serve as powerful promotional items that leave a lasting impression. Whether given as corporate gifts, promotional giveaways, or sold as merchandise, these towels effectively display the brand message and create a positive association with the company or event they represent.

Types of Promotional Beach Towels by Techniques

1. Yarn Dyed Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

These beach towels are woven using the jacquard technique, which allows for intricate patterns and designs. Yarns of different colors are dyed before weaving to create vibrant and durable designs that withstand multiple washes.

2. Border Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

In this type, the jacquard technique is used to create decorative borders or patterns along the edges of the towel. The central part of the towel may have a simpler design or remain plain.

3. Relief Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Relief jacquard towels feature raised or textured designs, adding a three-dimensional element to the towel's surface. This technique enhances the towel's appearance and texture.

4. Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Printed beach towels are created using digital or screen printing methods. This allows for a wide range of colorful designs and graphics to be applied directly onto the fabric.

5. Embroidered Promotional Beach Towels

Embroidery involves stitching logos, names, or designs onto the towel's surface. This technique adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the promotional beach towels.

Production of Promotional Beach Towels

Promotional beach towels are not only practical items for beachgoers but also powerful marketing tools to promote brands, events, or businesses. The production of these towels involves several steps, from the sourcing of fibers to the final packaging of the product.

By using various techniques and fabric types, promotional beach towels can cater to different preferences and branding needs. The result is a high-quality, functional, and eye-catching product that serves both as a practical beach accessory and a powerful marketing tool.

Below is a detailed explanation of the production process, along with an overview of the different types of promotional beach towels based on various techniques.

1. Fiber Sourcing and Yarn Formation

The production process begins with the sourcing of high-quality fibers, commonly cotton or a blend of cotton and other materials like polyester or bamboo. These fibers are then spun to form yarns suitable for weaving the beach towels.

2. Fabric Weaving

The next step involves weaving the yarns on specialized looms to create the base fabric for the beach towels. The weaving process determines the texture, thickness, and overall quality of the fabric.

3. Dyeing

The fabric is then dyed using various techniques to achieve the desired colors and patterns. Different dyeing methods such as yarn-dyeing, piece-dyeing, or printing can be used based on the towel's design and complexity.

4. Fabric Types

Promotional beach towels come in different fabric types, including terry cloth, velour, and microfiber. Terry cloth towels are highly absorbent and have looped piles, while velour towels have a smooth and luxurious surface. Microfiber towels are known for their quick-drying properties and compactness.

5. Fabric Cutting and Personalization

Once the fabric is dyed and dried, it is cut into the appropriate size and shape for beach towels. Personalization techniques like embroidery, printing, or jacquard weaving are then applied to add logos, designs, or custom artwork.

6. Sewing 

Sewing is a crucial step in producing promotional beach towels. Skilled workers or machines sew the edges and hems, ensuring a neat and durable finish. Proper stitching enhances the towels' visual appeal, making them suitable for various promotional purposes. Quality sewing ensures the towels withstand regular use and maintain their shape after multiple washes, creating lasting and effective promotional items.

7. Quality Control and Packaging 

In the final stages of production, promotional beach towels undergo strict quality control to ensure they meet high standards. Once inspected, the towels are carefully folded and packaged, featuring the brand's logo or message. Thoughtful packaging enhances presentation, making them effective marketing tools for distribution or retail display.

Promotional Beach Towels: Effective Brand Boosters Across Industries

Promotional beach towels are versatile marketing tools used by various sectors and industries to promote their brands, products, services, or events. Here are some sectors that commonly utilize promotional beach towels and how they leverage the benefits:

Hospitality and Tourism

Hotels, resorts, and travel agencies often use promotional beach towels to enhance guest experiences. Personalized towels with the hotel's logo or resort's name not only provide a practical amenity for guests but also act as souvenirs, extending brand visibility beyond their stay.

Corporate Events and Trade Shows

Companies use promotional beach towels as giveaways during corporate events and trade shows to attract visitors to their booths. The towels' large printing area allows for prominent branding, ensuring the company's logo and message are easily noticed and remembered.

Sports and Fitness

Gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs use branded beach towels as incentives for new memberships or to reward loyal customers. The towels also serve as merchandise for sports events or competitions, strengthening the brand's identity among athletes and spectators.

Retail and Fashion

Fashion retailers often include promotional beach towels as gifts with purchase during summer sales or as part of special promotions. The towels' trendy designs and customization options make them desirable items that boost customer loyalty.

Healthcare and Wellness

Spas, wellness centers, and healthcare providers utilize promotional beach towels to create a luxurious and relaxing ambiance for their customers. Branded towels add a touch of elegance while reinforcing the center's image of quality and care.

Outdoor and Adventure

Companies in the outdoor and adventure industries use promotional beach towels to connect with nature enthusiasts. These towels are ideal for camping, hiking, and beach activities, aligning with the target audience's lifestyle and interests.

Entertainment and Media

Movie studios, television networks, and music labels leverage promotional beach towels as part of their marketing campaigns. Towels featuring characters or themes from popular media attract fans and act as collectibles.

Non-profit and Charity

Non-profit organizations use promotional beach towels for fundraising events or as gifts for donors. The towels' functionality and personalized message can help increase awareness and support for their cause.

Event Management

Event planners incorporate branded beach towels into promotional gift bags for attendees at conferences, festivals, and concerts. The towels provide a useful keepsake that prolongs event memory and brand exposure.

Why You Should Select Promotional Beach Towels: The Key to Successful Brand Promotion

The benefits of using custom promotional beach towels are numerous.

  1. They offer a large surface area for branding and messaging, ensuring increased visibility and recall value.
  2. Being practical and functional items, these towels are highly valued by recipients, leading to increased brand loyalty and positive associations.
  3. Custom promotional beach towels serve as walking advertisements, spreading brand awareness wherever they are used, be it at the beach, poolside, or in outdoor events.
  4. With their ability to create lasting impressions, custom promotional beach towels are an effective and cost-efficient way for businesses and organizations to promote their brand and reach a wider audience.


Smartly Customized Promotional Beach Towels with Logo

We manufacture and export beach towels that are smartly and professionally customized.

Our beach towels make excellent promotional products because they can be customized.

Our promotional beach towels will be woven, printed, or embroidered with your logo or custom design.

All of our beach towels are can be personalized with your company logo or artwork.

If you have a concept for the perfect towel, we can have your custom logo woven into the beach towel, printed, or embroidered on it.

Branded Promotional Beach Towels with Logo

We manufacture and export a wide range of branded promotional beach towels with logo.

Branded promotional beach towels with logos are towels designed specifically for promotional purposes. They are customized with a company's or organization's logo, slogan, or other branding elements. These towels serve as effective marketing tools, as they combine the practicality of a beach towel with the visibility of a branded item. 

Custom Promotional Beach Towels

Our custom promotional beach towels can be branded with your logo or artwork to create an excellent promotional product.

Custom promotional beach towels are towels personalized to align with specific marketing or branding objectives. These towels are crafted with unique designs, logos, messages, or branding elements that set them apart from standard towels. They are intended to serve as effective promotional tools, combining the usefulness of a beach towel with the impact of targeted marketing. These towels are tailored to reflect a particular brand, event, or message. They can feature company logos, event details, slogans, or custom artwork. 

What are the techniques of the customization of the Promotional Beach Towels?

Yarn Dyed Jacquard weaving of Promotional Beach Towels

Two or more different colors of yarns are dyed with superb color fastness before weaving.

We can dye the yarns in any color you prefer.

Border Jacquard weaving of Promotional Beach Towels

Using high quality polyester yarns, your logo or custom design will look exquisite on the jacquard woven border of a uni-color type of towel.

Relief Jacquard weaving of Promotional Beach Towels

The weaving of your artwork or logo as a relief on the towel is described as relief weaving.

For towels with a solid color, relief weaving is a fantastic choice.

Printing of Promotional Beach Towels

To print logos or artwork on the face of towels, the following processes are very often applied.

Printing using Rotation technique

We print 100% cotton towels using a rotation method; the front side is printed cotton, velour, and the back side is blank white cotton, terry.

Printing using Sublimation technique

We print 50 percent cotton/50 percent polyester towels using sublimation printing; the front side is printed polyester, velour, and the back side is blank white cotton, terry.

Embroidering of Promotional Beach Towels

These customized towels feature your logo or custom artwork embroidered in great quality.

Your logo on towels will get a lot of value by being embroidered.

These are wonderful promotional products that may be personalized in terms of color, embroidery artwork, branding, and fabric characteristics to meet your requirements.

What are the Basic Types of the Promotional Beach Towels?

Types of the promotional beach towels classified by technique and customization method

Custom beach towels are promotional products that customers use far more frequently than any other promotional product.

That means your consumers get the most value for their money, and your clients get the soft, comfortable, and absorbent drying experience they want.

The specialists at Nova Bravo Ltd. researched and constructed unique, exclusive weaving techniques that enable us to maximize the density and absorption in the core of the beach towel and it is characterized as the Beach Pleasure.

We, now offer five different types of custom promotional towels based on the customization method and weaving technique:

1. Yarn Dyed Jacquard Beach Towels

2. Border Jacquard Beach Towels

3. Relief Jacquard Beach Towels

4. Printed Beach Towels

5. Embroidered Beach Towels

1. Yarn Dyed Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Our custom woven yarn dyed jacquard promotional beach towels in your corporate colors can be woven with your logo.

custom made yarn dyed jacquard promotional beach towels

These custom branded beach towels make awesome promotional items, and handing them out to your consumers ensures that your company receives far more exposure than any other product.

A pleasant personalised beach towel can be used as a beach promotion, and it can also be integrated with other beach-related products in your promotional campaign to raise the value of your beach promotional materials.

Fabric Construction of the Yarn Dyed Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics can be in Terry quality or in velour quality .

There are two types pile loop construction of yarn dyed jacquard beach towels.

Pile loops with single yarn and pile loops with double yarn. Fabric weights can be between 330 g/m2 and 950 g/m2 .

Standard Sizes of the Yarn Dyed Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 70x140 cm / 28x55 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Oversized Beach Towels: 100x200 cm  / 40x80 inch

Best Custom Beach Towels with logo

Your color, your label, your logo, your size, your fabric quality can be customized.

2. Border Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

custom logo border jacquard promotional beach towels Nova Bravo

Beach towels with a custom jacquard woven logo on the border are special promotional products.

Our border jacquard beach towels are constructed of premium terry and will flawlessly hold your brand or design.

It's also possible to customize the color.

Fabric Construction of the Border Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics can be in terry quality or in velour quality .

On the borders high quality polyester yarns are used.

There are two types pile loop construction of border jacquard beach towels.

Pile loops with single yarn and pile loops with double yarn. Fabric weights can be between 330 g/m2 and 950 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Border Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 70x140 cm / 28x55 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Oversized Beach Towels: 100x200 cm  / 40x80 inch

3. Relief Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Custom relief jacquard beach towels featuring your company's logo or designs offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand visibility. Your unique logo or artwork will be beautifully woven into the towel's design, creating an appealing visual effect, especially suitable for beach use. These personalized beach towels with custom logo relief jacquard serve as exceptional promotional gifts, showcasing your brand in a memorable way.

Our custom relief jacquard beach towels are are made from high-quality terry fabric, a specialized type of beach towel distinguished by their unique raised designs manufactured through the relief jacquard weaving technique.

Our personalized relief jacquard woven beach towels are perfectly suited to showcase your brand or design and offer a blend of style and functionality, making them ideal for promotional purposes or personal use at the beach.

Made from premium materials such as Turkish cotton, our branded relief jacquard beach towels boast softness and durability, ensuring comfort and longevity.

With customizable options available for branding or personalization, promotional embossed jacquard towels stand out as memorable and practical promotional products.

It's also possible to customize the color.

Fabric Construction of the Relief Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics can be in terry quality or in velour quality .

There are two types pile loop construction of relief jacquard beach towels.

Pile loops with single yarn and pile loops with double yarn. Fabric weights can be between 330 g/m2 and 950 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Relief Jacquard Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 70x140 cm / 28x55 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Oversized Beach Towels: 100x200 cm  / 40x80 inch

4. Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Printed Promotional Beach Towels are custom-designed towels featuring logos, designs, or text, serving as effective marketing tools.

Personalized promotional printed beach towels enhance brand visibility and recognition during promotional events and campaigns.

Corporate logos, designs, or text can be expertly printed onto custom logo printd beach towels, ensuring brand consistency and effective promotion.

Printing quality, logo, or design customization is crucial in promotional printed beach towels to maintain brand integrity and leave a positive impression on customers.

Including branded beach towels with a printed logo in promotions or branding initiatives helps companies stand out, foster customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness in a practical and memorable way.

100 % Cotton Promotional Printed Beach Towels with Rotation Printing in Velour Quality

Customized with logos, designs, or text, Rotation Printed Promotional Beach Towels serve as powerful marketing instruments. During promotional events and campaigns, personalized printed beach towels amplify brand visibility and recognition. With precision, corporate logos, designs, or text can be printed onto custom logo beach towels, guaranteeing cohesive branding and successful promotion.

Custom promotional printed beach towels, sometimes referred to as promotional printed beach towels, provide an effective method to promote your business. We produce personalized printed beach towels with a range of branding options that let you add your company's logo and corporate message. Our 100% cotton velour towels for the beach are made with rotating printing in order to manufacture our promotional printed beach towels.

Fabric Construction of the Rotation Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics are in super soft velour quality .Fabric weights can be between 270 g/m2 and 450 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Rotation Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 75x150 cm / 29x59 inch

50% Cotton and 50% Polyester Custom Sublimation Printed Promotional Beach Towels in Velour Quality

Sublimation Printed Promotional Beach Towels are towels featuring designs or patterns created through the sublimation printing process, offering vibrant and durable promotional options.These towels are manufactured using sublimation printing, which involves transferring dye onto the fabric using heat. Sublimation Printed Promotional Beach Towels provide a high-quality and long-lasting branding solution for businesses seeking to make a memorable impact.

Also known as digitally printed beach towels or microfiber beach towels, our company produces promotional beach towels with sublimation printing.

Custom sublimation beach towels have velour quality since they are usually made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric.

Beach towels with custom sublimation printing are extremely popular for their exceptional quality and flexibility, making them perfect promotional items for a wide range of businesses.

For an outstanding impression-making, we supply flexible customized sublimation beach towels options with unique patterns or logos.

Fabric Construction of the Sublimation Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality eco friendly polycotton towels are used and the fabrics are in super soft velour quality.

Fabric weights can be between 270 g/m2 and 350 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Sublimation Printed Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 75x150 cm / 29x59 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Custom Promotional Beach Towels with Sublimation Printed Border

Custom Beach Towels with Sublimation Printed Borders are a creative and eye-catching option for promotional beach towels. Utilizing sublimation printing technology, these towels feature vibrant designs or patterns exclusively along the towel's edge, adding a unique touch to the overall appearance. The sublimation printing process ensures high-quality, full-color printing directly onto the fabric, resulting in a durable and long-lasting finish. With endless customization options, businesses can showcase their logos, slogans, or intricate designs in a prominent and visually impactful way. These custom towels not only stand out but also offer practical benefits, as the embedded design won't fade or wash away over time. Overall, Custom Beach Towels with Sublimation Printed Borders are a stylish and effective way to promote brand visibility at the beach or poolside.

Custom Sublimation Printed Border Beach Towels are a specific type of towel where sublimation printing is utilized to apply vibrant designs or patterns exclusively to the towel's border.

Sublimation printing enables high-quality, full-color printing on various materials, including towels, using heat to transfer dye onto the towel's border.

Fabric Construction of the Custom Promotional Beach Towels with Sublimation Printed Border

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics can be in terry quality or in velour quality .

There are two types pile loop construction of relief jacquard beach towels.

Pile loops with single yarn and pile loops with double yarn. Fabric weights can be between 330 g/m2 and 950 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Custom Promotional Beach Towels with Sublimation Printed Border

Beach Towels: 70x140 cm / 28x55 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Oversized Beach Towels: 100x200 cm  / 40x80 inch

5. Embroidered Promotional Beach Towels

Custom logo embroidered promotional beach towels displayed against a clean, solid background, highlighting their vibrant red colors and intricate embroidery designs, ideal for elevating brand visibility and making a lasting impression

Our custom embroidered beach towels are towels featuring unique designs or logos expertly stitched onto them, adding a personalized touch to this essential beach accessory for your promotions.

Our personalized promotional embroidered beach towels serve as effective branding tools, offering a unique way to showcase company logos or messages at events or as corporate gifts.

Custom logo embroidered beach towels can be adorned with corporate logos, designs, or text through elegant embroidery, amplifying brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

The quality of embroidery, including the embroidery yarn quality and embroidery yarn color customization, is crucial in ensuring that branded beach towels with embroidery maintain durability and aesthetic appeal over time.

Including branded beach towels with embroidered logos in promotions or branding efforts offers a dual benefit of practical utility and brand exposure, fostering goodwill among clients or employees while promoting brand recognition in various settings.

Usually, personalized embroidered beach towels are produced as plain-dyed dobby towels, which are distinguished by their less intricate bordered weaving designs.

Our promotional embroidered beach towels provide a stylish ground for embroidery and can be customized to match your exact color specifications, whether you like vibrant shades that draw attention or calm tones that express elegance with a perfect integration into your promotional or personal branding campaigns.

Fabric Construction of the Embroidered Promotional Beach Towels

Premium quality Turkish cotton is used and the fabrics can be in terry quality or in velour quality .

There are two types pile loop construction of relief jacquard beach towels.

Pile loops with single yarn and pile loops with double yarn. Fabric weights can be between 330 g/m2 and 950 g/m2.

Standard Sizes of the Embroidered Promotional Beach Towels

Beach Towels: 70x140 cm / 28x55 inch

Large Beach Towels: 100x150 cm / 40x60 inch

Extra Large Beach Towels: 100x180 cm / 40x70 inch

Oversized Beach Towels: 100x200 cm  / 40x80 inch

Custom Logo Promotional Terry Cloth Hooded Beach Ponchos 

Custom promotional hooded terry cloth beach ponchos are hooded garments made from absorbent terry cloth material, designed to provide beachgoers with a practical and stylish accessory while also serving as effective promotional giveaways for companies looking to enhance brand visibility.

Custom promotional terry cloth beach ponchos are personalized hooded garments made from absorbent terry cloth material, ideal for beachgoers and promotional giveaways.

Branded terry cloth hooded beach ponchos offer beachgoers a practical and stylish accessory while serving as effective promotional giveaways for companies looking to enhance brand visibility. Custom promotional toweling hooded beach ponchos with logo serve as practical yet subtly branded items, strategically integrating into promotional branding efforts to offer recipients utility while subtly reinforcing brand identity.

Custom Embroidered Promotional Terry Cloth Beach Ponchos with Hood

Personalized embroidered promotional terry cloth beach ponchos elevate the promotional value of your brand  by perfectly stitching corporate logos, designs, or text and by offering a versatile and high-quality item, adding professionalism to promotional campaigns and ensuring long-lasting brand exposure. Embroidering corporate logos, designs, or text onto hooded beach poncho towels for promotions adds a touch of sophistication and exclusivity, enhancing the perceived value of the promotional item and fostering positive brand associations among recipients. Custom logo hooded cotton terry ponchos serve as premium promotional merchandise, perfectly integrating your brand into beach and leisure activities. Promotional embroidered terry cotton beach ponchos with hood offer a comfortable and fashionable beach essential for your audience to enjoy.

Personalized Printed Branded Toweling Hooded Beach Ponchos

Custom logo printed promotional toweling beach ponchos provide a canvas for vibrant designs or logos, offering companies a versatile promotional tool to showcase their brand during beach outings or events, effectively capturing attention and fostering brand recognition. Printing corporate logos, designs, or text onto logo printed beach poncho hooded towels for promotions enables companies to create eye-catching branding opportunities, effectively increasing brand exposure and recognition during beach-related activities or events.

Custom Logo Promotional Branded Terry Cloth Beach Bags

We are a manufacturer specialized to superior Custom Cotton Terry Cloth Beach Bags. We ensure that our technical know-how in producing these beach essentials produces the perfect combination of comfort and style as we know the fine balance that has to be kept with integrity, functionality, and branding. 

Custom promotional branded terry cloth beach bags are stylish, durable, and customizable promotional items perfect for showcasing your brand at beach-themed events, corporate retreats, and trade shows. Crafted from high-quality terry cloth material, these bags offer a soft and luxurious feel while prominently displaying your company logo or design. Practical and versatile, they make a lasting impression on clients and customers.

Our Terry Cloth Beach Bags can be precisely customized with company logos, custom designs, or key branding elements. In addition to increasing brand awareness, this personalization ensures continuous exposure and leaves a lasting impression on the target audience. We provide a wide range of terry beach bag options in our selection, ranging from luxurious to absorbent, as well as affordable wholesale solutions. Every bag is expertly constructed with durability and customization in mind, producing flexible and stylish promotional products for business-to-business corporations seeking to leave a lasting impression.

Multipurpose Terry Towelling Customized Beach Bags

Our line of customized beach bags is designed to serve multiple functions, catering to the diverse needs of beachgoers and businesses alike. Crafted from high-quality cotton terry cloth, these bags offer not only ample space for beach essentials but also versatility in their usage. Whether it's a day at the beach, a picnic in the park, or a weekend getaway, our beach bags are up to the task. With customizable options including company logos, bespoke designs, or strategic branding elements, these bags can be tailored to suit any promotional campaign or event.

Elegant Brand Impact of Custom Embroidered Cotton Terry Cloth Promotional Beach Bags

custom terry cotton beach bags, including custom terry cotton beach bags, and personalized terry beach totes, have become the go-to choice for those seeking a durable, customizable, and multi-functional beach companion.

The use of embroidery on cotton terry cloth beach bags elevates the elegance and sophistication of our promotional beach bags, making them stand out in a sea of ordinary promotional merchandise. The soft and luxurious texture of terry cloth not only adds a touch of luxury to the bags but also enhances the perceived value of the brand associated with them. Whether embossed with a company logo or adorned with a custom design, these bags make a statement wherever they go, leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and potential customers alike. With their elegant design and practical functionality, our cotton terry cloth promotional beach bags are sure to make a splash at any promotional event or marketing campaign.

Personalized Logo Branded Striped Pool Towels

Our cabana striped pool towels, made from premium Turkish cotton and resistant to bleach and industrial laundering, offer both luxurious comfort and enduring quality for upscale hotel pool settings.

We specialize in manufacturing premium custom cabana striped pool towels using the finest dyed Turkish cotton yarns, guaranteeing exceptional quality and comfort. Our custom yarn-dyed striped pool beach towels are made from the finest Turkish cotton, renowned for its exceptional softness and absorbency. Through a detailed dyeing process, the vibrant stripes are infused with rich, long-lasting color that resists fading, even with repeated exposure to bleach and industrial laundering. This ensures that our custom cabana stripe beach towels maintain their elegant appearance, making them the ideal choice for upscale hotel pool environments where quality and durability are paramount.


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